Class of 2.1


I guess I'm graduate number 4.  This was a disaster, taking a half hour to get the audio working, only to find out (thanks, Jeff) that I forgot to start simplecast.  Sigh.  But it's done.  I graduated and am ready to move on, continuing to wreak havoc where ever I go.  Hee Hee.  Gotta love webcasting!

Durff's set-up

Here is a picture of my audio set-up. The resulting webcasting is uploaded elsewhere...
This is my checklist that worked today:

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Durff rejoins the webcaster universe

Susan generously gave off her time to help me and then Jose joined us too. I grudgingly accepted his advice. The result is posted here.  

Give me a hint at least...

Can anyone tell me the url for the stream archives where we look for those fairies and elves who record our streams from the server?

Webcast Academy Class of 2.2 Openhouse

Listen to Cheryl, Jose, and I discuss audio issues I hear no echo....

Durff's Telephony Envy

Everyone is doing such a wondeful job recording their telephone calls that I got to wondering, could I do that way too? So to prove it to myself, I did. I am calling Dani, a friend in PA. You will hear me ask about Sharon at the end. She is Laura's sister, with whom Dani & I previously worked. Her sister is in a coma at JHU with a 1% chance of survival. 

Skype Conference How-to

Did this screencast:

On how to make a conference call. Had to redo audio (which made it better) because the telephony set up for Audacity did not work for CamStudio. 

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