3rd Webcast for Women of Web 2.0

This is the 3rd webcast for Women of Web 2.0.

Cheryl was webcasting from Wells, ME, Jennifer, Vicki and Sharon were in Atlanta at the Georgia State Technology Conference.

We discussed blogging and different conference offerings. There were 20 people in the skypecast, and about 12 people in the Worldbridges Chat.

Thanks to Jeff and Dave for hosting this great opportunity. Thanks to all the listener.

I'll be posting to iTunes this week, so you will be able to RSS the podcast. Thanks for the suggestion.

Over and out,


Managing Skype, Skypecast, nicecast, while webcasting on a Mac

Hello all,

This is for the mac side of webcasting interns:

While in Skype Beta

If you are in a conference with some folks and want to bring in a skypecast:

Go to the skypecast you have created as the HOST. Join then press HOLD in skype, go back to the skype group you had already established, look towards the bottom of the group and find a drop down menu, select add to conference, choose the skypecast and then you will have both the skypecast as well as the skype.

Now, true to SKYPE, this will not always work as listed. If so, quit SKYPE and go in again. The moral of this story, set up your webcast at least 15 to 30 min. ahead of time. make your skypecast go much longer than you intend. 

Class of 1.2, Workshop#3b - Mac users session

Mac users session on Nicecast, Streaming, Audacity and other issues people may have.

Sunday, Sept. 3, 1amGMT (global times)

(Saturday night North America)

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NiceCast - Mac

At this point, Nicecast is the only piece of streaming software for a Mac that we've found capable of producing live interactive webcasts. Learn lots more and download a free demo at the t Nicecast Homepage at

"About Nicecast" Video (from

How to Webcast  and troubleshoot audio problems in Nicecast (by Lee Baber)
-- Here is an additional note about audio settings in Nicecast. This is a blog comment I made to a post concerning this issue. 


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