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Catching Up with Casting

Last week, I was having some trouble with Nicecast and Skype, and Lee was kind enough to take on my problem and help solve it. While I am still a little unsure of the complete technical description of the problem, Lee was able to walk me through my settings tonight and here are some things that we discovered.

Calling all Fairies and Angels

I'm not having much luck recording both sides of a telephony call.  I've started a forum topic here:
and I would really appreciate any ideas, hints, tips, tricks, advice.  It's 1.37am and I've been trying to resolve this since 5pm.  It's time for me to get some sleep before the International Intern Show at 7am.  I'm hoping that some lovely angels and/or fairies can resolve my audio issues while I'm snoozing. 

Nicecast+Audio Hijack+Ventrilo+Jacpilot: Creating the most versatile setup

Here, I am setting up a system for live broadcasting.  Using Ventrilo I have used Jack pilot to broadcast into a Ventrilo server with succes, the problem is listeners must be in the same server with the host.  Now I am using nicecast and and broadcast and at this time I am having problems using Hijack or Jackpiolt for that matter to broadcast.  Webcasting is great and I think down the short road I will sove my issues to choose Hijack as source with luck and be able to utilize the sounds from, Logic Pro, itunes, Djay, quicktime, the web or any other sound source for that matter.

All About Mac Audio

We will discuss Mac audio in all it's forms. If you have any questions about Mac audio, Nicecast, settings, mics, editing, Audacity, Garage Band, or just want someone to test your set-up, please drop in at 3:00pm EST, on Tuesday or 8:00pm GMT. I will post the show later for those who can not attend. Just be sure to get me your questions or concerns before the show and I will cover it for you. In addition, I will create any video screenshot tutorials that may help you and post them in an obvious place for experimenting later. Send email to [email protected] to contact me or comment to this post. See you then. ~Lee Ann --aka-- lee

Webcast Academy FAQ

This is the old version of the FAQ and is somewhat outdated.

We are working on building the new FAQ here 

Numerous downloads later...

I don't give up easily but I stubbornly attempt to accomplish tasks without fully comprehending the instructions. So when I tried to get the vac working I ran into a problem. I had Skype on, Audacity up, and vac open. I chose cable 1 in Audacity and compared all the settings. I took a phone call, activated the vac and then pressed record in Adacity. It appeared to be recording but the resulting audio file seemed more like a transmission from another planet. I plan to re-read the directions and try again, but if anyone has already overcome this obsticle, please share your secrets with me and anyone else who may be wondering too.


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