Multiple Mics and Headphones when webcasting

Has anyone tried a multiple mic and headphone setup? Will be webcasting from a conference next week and may have more than two presenters at the computer that will be streaming. In the past I have manged 2 presenters with a shared USB mic and an RCA splitter for the headphones. So if anyone has any suggestions I'd be interested to hear. And just to make it more interesting - I'll be working on a Mac :-) (but would be interested to hear PC solutions too).
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Niels presentation is comming!

Here I am for the moment - The MP3 file is comming!

While your are waiting please enjoy my Danish presentation and train your Danish! Its recorded in the program Camtasia. I am using this program making small videos to teach my students how to use the library-systems and the net.

Danish presentation


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Webcasting on a Closed Network

I have been thinking about using Webcasting on our closed network where I work. I am guessing that I would need to set-up a Shoutcast Server,but what I use instead of Skype? Anyone have any ideas?



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Weighted Book Page

The Webcast Academy does not have the ability to decide weight for Book Entries. The CMS academy offers the option shown in the attached picture while the WCA does Weight a Book Page not. The weight of a page decides where the page is shown in the order of the list on it's parent page. Please let me know if that option exists in the WC Academy and I am just not seeing it. Thanks.

Workshop#1 - 2 Way Telephony Recording

Sunday, July 30 4pmGMT (global times)
Skypecast here

We will be working on recording both ends of telephony calls. You'll need your USB desktop mic, and the basic pieces of software listed in the Webcaster Kit.
Windows users, please check out the new screencast on this topic at: http://www.webcastacademy.net/screencasts/2wayrecording/index.html

Mac and Linux users, we do not yet have screencasts specifically about recording two way audio for those OS's, but Lee's Nicecast tutorial may be of help to Mac users. If any Mac or Linux users can produce a screencast on this topic, please do so.

Quick Links to recent Audio Introductions
Paul Reid
Paul Ellerman
Carla (by Erika)
Erika (by Carla)

Liz (with photo)

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Jeff Lebow Introduction

Wow, this is really fun listening to introductions - learned some new things about people I've 'virtually' known for a while and enjoying making some new web acquaintances.

I realize now, I should have included some information about how to created a download link and flash player option for playing the audio. If I don't fall asleep on the keyboard, I'll try to get that up tonight. If not, it will be up very soon.

Download mp3 (864kb, 1:50)

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