Mac Webcasting Help

Join in as we work out all the details for webcasting with Mac computers. Nicecast, Skype and a Macintosh computer are all that is required. Practice, work out problems, or go through the set up for the first time with Lee Baber. I am happy to answer all questions to do with Webcast Academy as well. See you then! ~Lee
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Assignments (so I can find them)

Tentative Curriculum Topic#1 Recording telephony calls and basic audio editing Topic#2 Basic Streaming Topic#3 Hosting, interviewing, & show management skills Topic#4 Post-production and advanced audio editing Topic#5 Different webcast environments and telephony programs (i.e. Second Life, Paltalk, Gizmo) Finals Week Relay May 18

Youthbridges - Kick Off

A cross-school broadcast: New York City meets the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Cohosts Micah (Virginia) and Chloe (NYC) bring you a live interactive webcast. These eighth graders will field your questions in the chatroom at youthbridges.net/chat. Please join us live, Thursday January 18 at 10:30am EST (GMT -5) at Youthbridges.

This will be the first webcast from Youthbridges.net.  The site will be designed and co-managed by youth!   

Webheads Practice Session-Skypecast

I was chatting with Aglaya from Columbia and she was very keen on getting started. I will set up a skypecast on Wednesday 5 PM EST. It is my hope that those of you who participate will have tried to post an audio greeting prior to the skypecast. This is an optional meeting and it if you simply want to listen you can turn on the stream or listen later. All are welcome even if you haven't been able to get started and just need a little push in the right direction. I teach kindergarten and although I plan to treat you as adults, I will give you the patience I give my students.

Confusing Musings

I haven't used my secret access code yet to test simplecast. I have other more pressing concerns at the moment. I have listened in to many webcasts over the past several weeks and I still feel like Dorothy when she visits the wizard for the first time. I'm not sure what lies beyond the curtain.

   1. How exactly is the initial call set up?
   2. Is the host, guest and other primary speakers on a separate conference call just in case skype doesn't work?
   3. What exactly are the contingency plan steps? Is there a checklist? If skype is going to begin charging what does that mean for us?
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Hardware Profiles

Below are profiles of hardware items involved in the webcasting process.

Complexity of audio recording...

In the process of traversing the learning curve for the Webcast Academy I've come to some observations not of the technical bent but of the philosophical one. My technical background allows me the latitude to tackle the more complex implementation requirements for the system setups, but I can see this being a very high price of admission for non-technical educators making the jump into this space. The classic debate of "digital natives vs. digital immigrants" personifies, to me at least, the audiences that will have a higher likelihood of success as compared to those likely to struggle.
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