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Webcasting Blues

It is Tuesday, October 9, 2007, 8:30 p.m.  I am anxious and at the same time hesitant about beginning this new endeavor.  I am excited to become a part of a community of learners seeking to enhance their technological skills in a collaborative environment.  I am hesitant because I am involved in three other online courses at the same time.  I am hoping that this will not be overwhelming for me.  I feel like the proverbial "jack of all trades" however unlike the "jack of all trades" I hope I will be able to master all of the courses I have invested m
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How Do I Get Started?

This is the forum for getting started when you first arrive at the Webcast Academy. Everything you need to know is also on the Webcast Academy site... what do you mean you can't find it?

Well, don't worry. This community has so much information and new content that it is not unusual to wonder where to go to get started. I will attempt to give you a list with links to some of the things you need to get going:

  1. Register to the Webcast Academy by clicking here:
  2. Join the Webcast Academy Yahoo Group  This group is new so I am not sure what to advise for you here except to get signed up and look for more info there.
  3. Send a note that you wish to become an Webcast Academy intern at this link: Within 24 hrs.  you will  be given intern access to all the items available at the academy.
  4. This Orientation Screenshot Tutorial may help you see what to do to get started but be sure to come back and read on... there are more Screenshots and Tips below.
  5. Using any recording application you like, create an introduction about as mp3... then go to create content > audio> and upload. For lots more information about Audio, go to Worldbridge's New Media Guides.
    • We have come to realize that some degree of standardization in audio is helpful for producers and listeners and good for the overall cyber ecology. At this point, all audio produced and uploaded on Worldbridges sites should be an mp3 file encoded at no more than a 64kbs bitrate. (Higher bitrate files can be exchanged as pre-edited raw files.)

    • If you are ready to add them, ID3 tags should include the Title, Artist, website URL (in comments section), and License notice (in Lyrics) - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5. If you are not ready to add ID3 tags we will learn about this later in the course or learn more from our ID3 Tag Screenshot Tutorial.

    • I have created a Screenshot Tutorial to show how to post your introduction. This is to help upload the introductions. I have not included sound so just watch it ...think of it as a silent movie. :)  (Click here)

    • When uploading and creating audio content to post, be sure to choose introduction under the "media type" drop down box..  here is the intro I did so you can hear a sample ... its old now so excuse my dated info:

    • You can use any audio recording software but if you aren't sure what to use, we really like Audacity as a recording software. It is free and is good for PC as well as Mac computers. Here is a really good site for seeing the basics of Audacity with lots of How-to Screenshot Tutorials.

  6. Part of being in the Webcast Academy is to use Skype. If you have not downloaded Skype yet, please download it now.
    • We really need to start a list of all of our Skype id's. I am pretty sure we don't have one so here are some of our id's to get started:
      1. lbaber
      2. Worldbridges
      3. Sound Test Service - this is Skype automatic sound test service. Add it to your contact list and give it a call to test your sound setup. See for more assistance:
        1. For United States: echo12345678910
        2. For United Kingdom: echo12342
        3. Anyone from any country can use either of these sound test services

    • If you have any questions about using Skype, please post them here.
Feel free to contact me with any questions at my skype im, email: [email protected], or comment to this forum. Everyone please edit, add, delete, and suggest any other things interns need to get started. ~ Thanks, Lee Baber, Class of 1.1
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