Checklist for Audio Setup to Webcast in Windows: Streaming

Jeff's Screencast on this

First part is just like for recording. If you aren't recording, skip opening Audacity, but do the rest...
_ Set up audio settings in Windows (right click on speaker icon at lower right of screen)
_ Open Volume Controls
_ Options; Properties

Password for server

I'm not about to break security, don't worry.


When I try to stream I get message (something like) wrong password.


This cannot be literally true. I have it from Illya, who successfully uses the version she gave to me over the phone.


Can it be that this message means something different?


It says server password wrong.


Help??     Dennis

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Carla!!! I am coming to Florida!!!!


I just noticed that you live in Key West....I will be in Boca Raton from the 15th to the 30th of August, visiting my parents.  Maybe we can meet halfway...!  would be fun to meet you.  Let me know....coming from Italy....

Contact me here or at [email protected] 

baci, Susan 

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Simplecast: Not getting choice for 64kps on stream?

I'm going to try to attach a screencast showing that Simplecast is not giving  me the same size options as shown in Jeff's video. Any thoughts?

Hmm, won't attach.

More Simplecast

When I try to start the encoders in Simplecast I get an error message: "Access violation at address 00466292 in module "SimpleCast.exe'. Read of address 000002EC" Help! I cannot stream and get no further than that. Cathy E. suggested I uninstall the software and then reinstall.  Ideas? 

Screen Capture Images of Webcast setup

I continue to be amazed at how variable webcasting setups can be on different machines.   I finally got this HP Pavilion desktop setup properly (I think) and before I forgot all the specific settings, I took this screen capture to remind myself.  Thought it might be useful to build  an archive of such screenshots to help those that follow (or forget).  This if for an Hewlett Packard Pavilion a1640n PC Desktop with Windows XP

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