Webcasting Overview (Windows)

How to stream a Live Interactive Webcast from a Windows PC's
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The search for a superb microphone

I want to do some recording  to put online (poems, not mine - other people's). Although I've got a reasonably expensive microphone (Logitech USB) and use Audacity for the recording, I'm not really contented with the results.

The following couple of lines ("All the world's a stage") I've recorded:

1.  With my Olympus voice recorder and then converted to MP3.
2.  Is a recording done with Logitech micro and Audacity (and also converted to mp3).

Wouldn't you agree that the Olympus recording (1) is better?


mp3 conversion with AUDACITY

Friends at the Academy,


Would you like to save my PC or me disappearing through an upper window? Problem: Audacity refuses to convert aup files to mp3. Yes. I have got Lame. Have now deinstalled and installed Audacity and Lame four times. Audacity claims to have converted, but no mp3 device, including Audacity itelf, recognises what is generated. What would YOU do?


Dennis - standing on the window-sill 

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Audio Help Pleeeeeeeeease


Or alternatively click here: please to see all the settings used when trying to record both sides of the telephony call in skype.


Audacity Mac Intel

I was just having a terrible problem with exporting from Audacity to create an mp3 on the Intel Mac. The lame download from the site is fine. The problem is that you don't really know what you need in the end so when Audacity asks you to find it, you don't know what you need.

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Checklist for recording setup

Checklist for Audio Setup to Webcast in Windows

Stuff in bold may vary in name on your machine

Jeff's Screencast on this
_ Set up audio settings in Windows (right click on speaker icon at lower right of screen)


Help required

I need some serious help. I've followed the screencasts and Carla took me through the steps, but somehow my settings just look different. . Since 1.3 didn't look at all like on the screencast, I choose to use an older version. Basically, I don't get a pop-up window in audacity, after checking all the audio controls and before opening the audio repeater. I'm assuming it's something so basic that I will feel quite silly afterwards.

I've attached a screenshot, so maybe this will help.

Thanks in advance :-) 



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