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Lorna Costantini Mac Book Pro 2.2 Ghz intel Core 2Duo Mac OS 10.5.1

My experience as an intern has been technically gentle. I have a Mac Book Pro and the software and Mac operating system made the two way telephony call extremely easy. I have fusionVMware installed with Windows XP so I tried using the Windows software and set up. I quickly moved back to OS 10.5 on my Mac. I understand what the frustrations of the PC world is talking about. I highly recommend that if users want to regularly produce webcasts and make podcasts that they make the investment in an Apple computer.
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nzchrissy - iMac OS X 10.5.1

 The setup for Webcasting with an iMac is incredibly simple.  I only use the following:-

Screenshots of the settings I use to broadcast
Audio Setup in Nicecast

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Susan Ettenheim Apple OSX and Windows XP

...not unimportant is your bandwidth! I was struggling sometimes and then realized why when I checked - I'm only getting 768kb upload with my DSL. For me 2 MG would cost more than $300 per month... ahh soon everyone will have good bandwidth... 

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Skype Group Chat

Hi all, I just re-watched the screencast,

about using Skype group chats - am I crazy or do those preferences not exist for mac? 

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Audacity Mac Intel

I was just having a terrible problem with exporting from Audacity to create an mp3 on the Intel Mac. The lame download from the site is fine. The problem is that you don't really know what you need in the end so when Audacity asks you to find it, you don't know what you need.

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