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Many of you have come to Webcast Academy because of your interest in learning how to use new tools.  For those that participated in our meetings this past Sunday, October 14th you saw webcasting in action.  We had an text chatroom, a live stream, and a skype conference.  Being able to participate in these environments is the first step in learning how to webcast.  So, for those of you that are new to all of this; I invite you to participate in webcasts offered here at the Webcast Academy.  You'll see event schedule on block on right side of Main Page.  I would also invite you to participate in the Webcasts at Edtechtalk  Well of enough of that for now, catch y'all live soon.  

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade Teacher and Adult ESL  It's Elementary Webcast

Open Networked Learning - Architectures of Participation

Fade out

I just wanted to apologise and say thanks to all at the Webcast Academy. The pressures of work and life have got in the way in the last month or so, hence my fading from active participation. Like others here I guess, I typically take on too much. Congratulations to Anne for the Edublog award. I hope to re-engage at some point, but until then best wishes to all of you for the new year.
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I am back

I must apologize - we are in the process of building a new home (bermed passive solar) - and were living in a travel trailer on the lot. The winter comes early in Maine and last weekend we had no choice but to move into the partially finished home. (anyone interested can check at Anyway - I have had no internet for over a week - obviously, no posts or progress on webcasting. I am going to try to play catch up in the next 2 weeks or so. Can't wait to read (and listen) to what has been happening.
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