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2 Way Telephony with Sonja

Sonja and I had to do some work on our newsletter so I decided to record it. I had some problems editing with Audacity. I wouldn't let me delete selections. I restarted a couple of times, rebooted and it worked. I removed some of our "thinking time" and cut off several minutes in the end.

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Hi all - here's my little talk with skype lady

Recording Skype on Mac OS X :: Thank You Kathy

Thank you Kathy for recommending Audio Hijack Pro. I have recorded a conversation with the Skype Lady. She is so fine, always available when we need here. If you are still having problems with recording Skype calls, stop fooling around and get Audio Hijack Pro. The free download works just fine. You only have to pay when you want to record more than 10 minutes. So there's lot's of functionality before paying for the product. I'm going to try out more features before I purchase, but hey, it works without any fuss. Well....when I first clicked on Skype >Record it said I needed to download additional software, but that took a second and I was off and running after rebooting Skype.

Success! Me and the Skype Lady on record

Well the Eurozone set out to record both ends of a Skype call using Virtual Audio Cables and I can report success from my end. So Anne and Dennis I can talk through this with you - and indeed anyone else. However I found Jeff's original screencast having done this!. (Had this disappeared for a while?)

Anyway, I created my own shorter version screencast. In Jeff's there are some handy tips so if you haven't seen it, check it out.

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Recording both ends of a Skype call

We've have just finished our Euro-mini meeting and we encountered several difficulties, but here's the good news! Jeff joined us and talked through the recording both ends task. In Windows,

  • Start > Virtual Audio Cables > Audio Repeater
  • Wave In: select your USB mic
  • Wave out: select the Stereo Mix (or WhatUHear) of your soundcard
  • In Audacity select Stereo Mix  (or WhatUHear) as source
  • Hit record!

Dennis, Anne and myself will record a screencast of this process too.

However, there was a question about whether we need the USB mic in this operation. Anne and I both noted that we have an external audio interface in addition to our internal soundcards. Optionally we think it ought to be possible to use those.

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