Recording Skype call (two sides)

After some frustration with what I thought were setting issues, Lee B helped me out and it turns out my dual 1/8th inch plug headset wasn't going to work for this. I went to the local Radio Shack and ended up with a Logitec 250 USB headset, and things went MUCH smoother! I figured I'd post the settings here that worked, since they are a little different from Lee's screencast since she's using other software.

 (Using a Logitec 250 USB headset)

System prefs : Sound : output and input set to Logitec USB

Help required

I need some serious help. I've followed the screencasts and Carla took me through the steps, but somehow my settings just look different. . Since 1.3 didn't look at all like on the screencast, I choose to use an older version. Basically, I don't get a pop-up window in audacity, after checking all the audio controls and before opening the audio repeater. I'm assuming it's something so basic that I will feel quite silly afterwards.

I've attached a screenshot, so maybe this will help.

Thanks in advance :-) 



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Pilots check-list before departure - a list of settings from Niels

My settings for a working system for recording AND streaming:

Soundcard: SigmaTel C-Major Audio v. (11.03.05)

USB-mic from Logitech – AK5379 – driver MS 5.1.2535.0 (01.07.01

Installed: full version of AVC – Audio Virtuel Cabels – or ask Jeff! + all programs form the webcas kit for windows

SYSTEM: WinXP professional v. 2002 - servicepak 2 -

A log of my audio oddessy

I spent a good deal of time today experimenting with my audio settings.  A record of what I've done can be found in Google documents and spreadsheets

I used screenshoots to illustrate the settings I used.  If you would like to collaborate on this document just send me your email address and I will invite you to collaborate.  We may actually come up with something useful.

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