Interview with music teacher, Rob Lee, about using in his classroom

For the assignment where I had to record a conversation with another person, I chose to interview a good friend of mine, Rob Lee, about how he uses in his high school music classes.

One baby step

I at least have a quick recording of the SkypeLady and me. Just used Pamela - but at least it is a very minor baby step. It is just a simple mono recording. Now, onward.

My progress (or lack thereof) to date

I cannot attend a meeting on Thursday (nor on Sunday) as I am in Germany for a long working weekend.  Webcasting has not crept to the top of my agenda yet, but rest assured that it will very soon (have been preparing for the German trip).  I am not sure that my set-up at home (from where I am most likely to webcast) is fast enough for webcasting.
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Audacity behaving strangely

In preparing my short recording for my intro I mixed down what had been a stereo recording but everytime I opened the file after saving it, it was back to stereo. Strange, I do this all the time but this time it just didn't seem to want to allow me to edit it down to mono. I'll be interested to see what I sent out, mono or stereo?

Experiment with recording both ends of a Skype call? Is it cheating to use Pamela? This is a sKYPE ADD-ON which I use. I paid about 15 $ for it and it seems to work well enough once you have got the trick of dampening down the sound of the caller so that the person you're calling can be heard properly.

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