Linux for Webcasting

Please find attached tutorial file for using webcastacademy on linux OS. I have tried to write it here, but for no reason it won't allow me copy paste the whole tutorial so i am attaching the file with this post. Hope it would be helpful for interns with linux as OS

James Farmer meets the Blogging4Educators Group

The Blogging4Educators team had the big pleasure to talk to  James Farmer , currently CEO of the largest education blogging network on the web, Edublogs (, and consults for education, media and community organizations.

Listening Plus Graduation - A Group of EFL Students

In which Vance achieves Eureka moment in recording both sides of a Skype conversation

This recording captures the aha moment in when Vance managed to get Audacity to record both sides of a Skype conversation, with the help of Jeff and Graham. Graham, Vance, and Jeff then go on to talk about controlling audio levels through the various applications running, and then recap settings in Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel, in Windows Volume Control, and in the applications Audacity, Virtual Audio Cables, and Skype, in the hopes that this verbal description might help others who are similarly stuck as I was - Vance

Nicecast+Audio Hijack+Ventrilo+Jacpilot: Creating the most versatile setup

Here, I am setting up a system for live broadcasting.  Using Ventrilo I have used Jack pilot to broadcast into a Ventrilo server with succes, the problem is listeners must be in the same server with the host.  Now I am using nicecast and and broadcast and at this time I am having problems using Hijack or Jackpiolt for that matter to broadcast.  Webcasting is great and I think down the short road I will sove my issues to choose Hijack as source with luck and be able to utilize the sounds from, Logic Pro, itunes, Djay, quicktime, the web or any other sound source for that matter.


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