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Webcast Academy Interns class #3 Aug. 8 /9

Class # 3, getting ready to review how to host a show, interview and run the stream while recording in the background.

Join SusanE, CherylO and JeffL for fun and excitement. Alice Barr will be with us too to help with the chat!

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Practice with streaming and kicking the stream

I am trying to add this event for the 2nd time.
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Practice with streaming and kicking the stream

Practice session with streaming in Sandbox A today at 8 PM EDT or 0:00 GMT


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Jeff Lebow GraduationCast

OK, I think I've got a basic understanding of this webcasting thing and am ready to graduate from the  Webcast Academy.
Saturday, August 11 1pmEDT / 1700GMT global times

Webcaster Portfolio


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Jose Rodriguez GraduationCast

Join ME as I reflect on my journey in becoming a Webcaster.  I will share my Webcasting Procedures.  I will reflect on Webcast Academy, It's Elementary Webcast and my interncasts.

EFL Best Practices on August 11  Cuentos de Mi Tierra on August 18 and LAUSD Technology Showcase on August 23 

At 9:30 Pacific 16:30GMT

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementay Webcast 



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Cuentos de Mi Tierra

This will be a webcast done in Spanish.  My cousin Jorge Rodriguez, has a radio show in Guadalajara, Mexico. On this webcast I will call him so he can share some of his favorite ghost stories.  He's great storyteller and you'll enjoy his tales of wandering souls from the old cemetery of Guadalajara.  Please join us and practice your Spanish Skills.  

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Webcast Academy Class of 2.2 Intern Practice Time

Alternate practice time especially scheduled for those who live in time zones that conflict with ours. Global times listed here

This open house style practice starts at 19:00pmGMT/3:00pmEDT and spans two hours. No one is obligated to remain for the entire time, nor to show up at any specific time. These are the best times to include everyone, though for some it will be rather early and for some it will be rather late.

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