Certification and Graduation

Webcast Academy Certification Process & Graduation Requirements

Basic Program
   In order to receive certification from the Webcast Academy as a 'live, interactive webcaster', interns will need to:

Graduation / Certification Issues

We finally have a basic 'Webcaster Portfolio' content type that can be used by interns to apply for 'certification' and  serve as a personal portfolio beyond that.   Interns can check it out by clicking ' Create Content/ Webcaster Portfolio'

A few issues to sort out:

A)  How can be make the portfolio content type better.
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Webcast Academy Proficiency Badges - Part 2

Ok, I have done a bit more work on these, using the Site that Jason recommended, this is what i have come up with... not sure which icon I want to go with, the pillars or the mic. But the different levels will have a different colour laurel.

  • Voice Recorder - Red
  • Audio Editor - Green (proof2)
  • Webcaster - Yellow (Gold)(proof1)
  • Instructor - Orange

Let me know what you think!

Webcast Academy Proficiency Badges

Hi everyone, After today's discussion, on Proficiency Badges, and chatting with Jeff and Dave, I am pleased to present some proof of concept Webcast Proficiency Badges. There is still some work to be done on them, but these give the general idea.

You could use them on your website/blog/wiki, make crests and sew them on your jacket, tattoos (not real ones, the ones you use water on), buttons, badges...the uses are endless...

Any comments, suggestions, feedback etc, is greatly appreciated.

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