Holy Moly, lots to learn and already playing catch up!!

I was traveling yesterday, had been in Kansas City to watch my daughter perform, so did not return home in time to participate live.  I am listening to the recording of the session.  Learning lots, but discovered I hate just listening and not participating.  So, hopefully life does not get in the way too often.  Ok, I know I am dreaming, but my intentions are good.  

Learning is frustrating and life-enhancing

James Paul Gee says in his 2003 book that learning is both frustrating and life-enhancing. One doesn't have to look very far in this community to see how that quote applies!

We are all, well with the a few notable exceptions, frustrated when we begin. The mountain seems so insurmountable. And yet, when we crest the peak...our lives are so enhanced!

In which Vance achieves Eureka moment in recording both sides of a Skype conversation

This recording captures the aha moment in when Vance managed to get Audacity to record both sides of a Skype conversation, with the help of Jeff and Graham. Graham, Vance, and Jeff then go on to talk about controlling audio levels through the various applications running, and then recap settings in Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel, in Windows Volume Control, and in the applications Audacity, Virtual Audio Cables, and Skype, in the hopes that this verbal description might help others who are similarly stuck as I was - Vance

Self motivated learning

In a recent post, Leigh Blackall talks about the decentralization of education. He shows a vision where learning is freely available to all through the best teachers on the Internet.

This can be made possible if teachers loosen their coupling with institutions and create an independant prescence on the web. Each teacher shares her research interests, and findings with everyone over her blog, podcasts and the like. Teachers also build communities of learning on their website. Learning is promoted by conversations; synchronous and asynchronous. By giving assignments and publishing micro-contents that explain various concepts in the form of text, audio, video.

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Webcast Academy Check-in

Check-in session for Interns and interested others. Bring your questions and comments and any "issues" you are having. For those Interns who are not able to attend, you can Record a message for inclusion in the show.

16:00 hrs GMT

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