Class of 3.1

English-language section of WCA from June, 2008

How to Extract Audio from Ustream on a Mac

Extracting Audio from Ustream on a Mac.

1. Open Soundflower and change the 2 channel setting to 'Built-in Output'

2. Open System Preferences for Sound

a. Change Input and Output to 'Soundflower 2 ch'

3. Open Audacity.

a. Open Preferences.

b. Click on the Audio I/O tab. Change Recording device to 'Soundflower (2ch).


Hello again!

Hello everyone,

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Minhaaj ur Rehman

Orientation Class:

Better late than never?

Wondering if I should try to do the class with 3.1 or wait for 3.2?

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Teacher Trek #3 Update

Looks like the time for the Teacher Trek #3 session will be changed to 7pm CST or 12am UTC. Sorry for the confusion with the time zones. Hope you can join us live and if not, watch for the posting of the recorded session (barring any technical difficulties with the recording of the session).  (audio only and video of screen only for demo of resources)


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Teacher Trek #3

Hi folks! Minhaaj will be interviewing me for Teacher Trek #3 on Saturday, 8/23/08 at 6pm CST (I believe it is 1800 GMT). If you are online please join us! I am sure Minhaaj will have a link to his streaming location which I believe will be at the Webcast Academy site.


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