Anxiety of recording

First sorry to miss you all last Sunday - as a penance I'm going to get up at 1.30am tonight to join whoever manages the 8.30 EST mini-meet.

But the great news is I did take part on Sunday - albeit asynchronously. Like the student who sends their tape recorder to the lecture, there is always the danger that I may never appear and take part in real time again, but I'm missing you all already. This is why the webcast/podcast model is a valid, valuable approach. As participants I think we understand the significance of the social value of using this technology. The social aspect therefore is equally about the need/desire to give as well as take (or listen).

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Skypecast, practice, nicecast

This was practice for next sunday when the SEEDLINGS of Maine get together for a show about their vision for technology and teaching in the coming school year.
Here we go.
NexT Sunday August 27, 2030GMT. Join us if you can.

Go to Skypecast, search for SEEDLINGS of Maine.

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Interview about Volunteer Work in South Africa

I thought I would post a brief interview that involved recording both ends of a Skype conversation. It finally turned out to be quite easy, requiring nothing more than setting Audio Hijack Pro to the Skype application and clicking record.

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Brazilian Finally Recorded!!!

Hey, guys, I'm uploading part of our Intern Webcast today. We missed Jeff, but Brad and Doug did a wonderful job! It was a pity there were some glitches at the end. But I managed to talk to Trevor for a while in a call. Of course, crazy things are still happening... Well, during the skypecast I could record everybody, including myself,without a USB and no virtual cables. Then when I moved to a private call with Trevor, total mystery. First, Audacity recorded only me, then something happened and only Trevor was recorded, then it was my voice again. I wonder if Trevor clicked something on his end. My question: why could I record everything in the skypecast and then when I was with Trevor Audacity recorded only one end?

Liz and Randy - First Telephony Call Recording

This was our first attempt at recording a call. We think it turned out pretty well considering the problems we had over the last few days figuring how to get the settings correct.

Liz and I plan on hosting webcasts dealing with high school reform, technology and the realm of 21st century learning. So our first recording has Liz sharing some of her positive interactions with department chairs at her high school in a meeting she had today.

We enthusiastically await your feedback!

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Audio recording

I used a small piece of a skpe conversation that Lee and I had while she was helping me with WireTap Pro. The first attachment is the segment edited and the second attachment is the same audio unedited.

There are 4-5 places where her speech is slurred. It really bothers me but I was unable to correct it. I hope someone else has some ideas about how to avoid the "slurring sound" or how to fix it.

I opened the aiff file from wiretap pro in audacity and then in both cases exported as mp3 files to post here.


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