Making a recording of a telephony call

Anyone need to call me to make a recording? Or me call them? Type in the class chat any questions...Durff

Telephony Recording

A very boring recording. A good example of someone (me) not putting her mic in the right place to avoid breathing sounds. I'm sure Jeff will cover this topic (I am a prime offender) in a later lesson.

Two way skype conversation recording

Conversation with a colleague in Spanish. Recorded with Pamela and edited with Audacity.

Feb. 03 Skype Conference for Team 06 GVC

I did it! On the first try too!

I am over my head

I have just finished reading all the new blog posts. I still haven't even got the Skype lady recorded. I think I may be over my head for the time I have available. I am planning on sticking around and maybe I can find some open slots to work on this. I will continue to read what is happening with this very creative group. Keep up the good work everyone. Hope to post a success next time And I planned on joining the Webheads in January. Sure hope stuff slows down at work and home.
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Audio is nothing more than a series of tubes

I was finally able to successfully record both sides of a Skypecast recently, and during the trials and tribulations of configuring the system, I came up with a way to do it without the wonderful in-ear echo that you sometimes get. The configuration only takes Audacity, Skype, three Virtual Audio Cables, and four Audio Repeaters. (I say only with a bit of sarcasm.) Here's a flow showing how this "series of tubes" gets plumbed: I'll try and explain in detail how this works in my next post. For now, think about the virtual audio cables as rea

Recording a monologue (an introduction)

Webcasting Setup:

I thought I'd start my webcasters report with how I recorded my introduction.
H/W setup:
HP nx6120 notebook
60 GB HDD/1.25 GB RAM/15" TFT display
I used a reguler ($5) mic, that went into mic port of the laptop.
For recording I used Audacity, and set the sound source to 'Microphone' (The sound source appears on the controls at the top of the window just besides the volume settings).

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