Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.2 - Recording Both Ends of a Telephony Call

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.2
Recording Both Ends of a Telep­hony Call
­October 21, 2007

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The search for a superb microphone

I want to do some recording  to put online (poems, not mine - other people's). Although I've got a reasonably expensive microphone (Logitech USB) and use Audacity for the recording, I'm not really contented with the results.

The following couple of lines ("All the world's a stage") I've recorded:

1.  With my Olympus voice recorder and then converted to MP3.
2.  Is a recording done with Logitech micro and Audacity (and also converted to mp3).

Wouldn't you agree that the Olympus recording (1) is better?


Automatic Recording Activated

Just wanted to let everyone know that the automatic recording of the stream (Sandbox A only) is once again functional.  Details in the FAQ (Publishing category).

Taxonomy upgrade extras:

Checklist for recording setup

Checklist for Audio Setup to Webcast in Windows

Stuff in bold may vary in name on your machine

Jeff's Screencast on this
_ Set up audio settings in Windows (right click on speaker icon at lower right of screen)


Now I know how Dracula feels about garlic...

Seeing or hearing the word virtual audio cables is now enough to make me shudder in fear and revulsion.

CarlaArena_Recording a Telephony Call - All about Brigadeiros

Dear all,

This time is full of WooHoo moments! Today I had a great time recording a skype call with Erika. I checked my settings before, opened the volume control, opened audacity and then the Audio Repeater (Yes! Don't forget it!). Then, I could see all the waves going on my screen from my side and Erika's end. Perfect! And the conversation? Even more fun!


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