Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.4

­Webcast Academy Session 2.3.4
Show Management and Post Show Audio Editing
Sunday ­November 11, 2007
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12:50:10 JoseR : Hi all!

Week #4 Show management skills/ Post-production and advanced audio editing


1. Post new event on calendar  --- GMT Friendly Link
2. Plan an interncast to stream on Sandbox A
3.  Mangage a live show
4.  Post production audio editing

Resources:       Recording and Editing Audio from Lee's Book of Audio




Adding incoming calls to a skype conference



Meeting Agenda Below 

Audacity Video Tutorial - Editing Volume

Here is a video for Audacity .. how to edit volume on pre-recorded audio. I did not record sound but I have a text message at the end of the video. Just trying different methods of using video!

I created a larger picture video here ! (takes longer to load)

Audio Recording and Editing

Today we will cover basic Mac set-up for both System and Nicecast. Please join in if you are interested in trying out your settings or any audio editing and recording questions.

All About Mac Audio

We will discuss Mac audio in all it's forms. If you have any questions about Mac audio, Nicecast, settings, mics, editing, Audacity, Garage Band, or just want someone to test your set-up, please drop in at 3:00pm EST, on Tuesday or 8:00pm GMT. I will post the show later for those who can not attend. Just be sure to get me your questions or concerns before the show and I will cover it for you. In addition, I will create any video screenshot tutorials that may help you and post them in an obvious place for experimenting later. Send email to [email protected] to contact me or comment to this post. See you then. ~Lee Ann --aka-- lee

All About Compressors and Limiters

What is a Compressor?

A Compressor is a programmable gain(increase in signal strength or intensity) controller designed to decrease the difference in level between quiet and loud signals passing through it. The official definition is a programmable amplifier designed to decrease the difference in level between quiet and loud signals passing through it.

What is a Limiter?

Audio Editing

Post-production audio editing takes place after each webcast and in some cases makes the difference between producing audio that this 'listenable' or not.


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