Audacity , Skype and audio settings

After a lot of time fidddling with audio settings, I want to share my experience.

I use Skype, Audacity and a Logitech camera.
My micro is a USB.


edit | preferences | PLAYBACK: Microsoft soundmapper
RECORD:Realtek MC97 Audio (My sound card, I guess).



Tools| Options | Adjust sound devices |AUDIO IN Realtek


LOGITECH QUICK CAM Camera settings | audio | Primary audio capture device: Realtek


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Audio recording

I used a small piece of a skpe conversation that Lee and I had while she was helping me with WireTap Pro. The first attachment is the segment edited and the second attachment is the same audio unedited.

There are 4-5 places where her speech is slurred. It really bothers me but I was unable to correct it. I hope someone else has some ideas about how to avoid the "slurring sound" or how to fix it.

I opened the aiff file from wiretap pro in audacity and then in both cases exported as mp3 files to post here.

Excerpt from Skype interview Part 2

Good! ... I had breakfast while the attachment was uploading....

I've posted this MP3 file because I'd much appreciate comments, tips for improvment. I regard it as an exercise for the assignments here.


I recorded the interview, conducted on Skype, using PowerGram. PowerGram records in ogg, so I transferred to Audacity (straightforward) did minimal editing and then saved (exported) as MP3.


1. Are PoweGram recordings of good enough standard for webcasting?
2. What might have caused the echo in Paul's recording? (There was no loudspeaker).
3. How can one avoid getting echo?

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Excerpt from Skype interview

Will explain attached file as soon as it has been successfully loaded.

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