Skype Names

Shall we all (Class of 1.3) share our Skype names? I find it handy to see when a fellow classmate is online and it will help to build community and create more opportunities for collaboration and mutual help. I have had a couple of good spontaneous side type-chats with Andrew and Niels.

My skype name is: madeline_here


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A log of my audio oddessy

I spent a good deal of time today experimenting with my audio settings.  A record of what I've done can be found in Google documents and spreadsheets

I used screenshoots to illustrate the settings I used.  If you would like to collaborate on this document just send me your email address and I will invite you to collaborate.  We may actually come up with something useful.

I'd like to thank the Academy...

You probably hear that phrase too often but I assure you it is heartfelt. Last night was very exciting for several reasons. Susan set up a WebHuddle and I set up a SkypeCast. for the first time. We all started in a WebHuddle chat and then migrated to the Skypecast. I learned that the Skype control panel participant list can come and go but the audio remains connected. I also learned why it's important to mute first because anyone can join your Skypecast and you don't always want to hear what they have to say! The great thing about webhuddle was being able to view participant's desktops.

Can't hear except for the stream...

Ok, I have VAC, Skype, a ShoutCast server, and Simplecast all working well. The only problem I'm running into is that when I configure SimpleCast to pull the audio from the virtual audio cables it does it fine, but I can't hear anything then. If I listen to the stream I can hear it just fine (albeit on a 20 second delay). What am I missing?

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An Intern's Guide to Skype

Webcasting from Sandbox A.

SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Skypeconference, Skypecast, Skypecall…what’s the difference and what does it all mean? On this first “Intern's Guide to Skype,” I wanted to share my experience learning about this Voice Over IP application. Join in if you have any favorite tips, tricks or hacks for using Skype.

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Skypecast, practice, nicecast

This was practice for next sunday when the SEEDLINGS of Maine get together for a show about their vision for technology and teaching in the coming school year.
Here we go.
NexT Sunday August 27, 2030GMT. Join us if you can.

Go to Skypecast, search for SEEDLINGS of Maine.

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Interview about Volunteer Work in South Africa

I thought I would post a brief interview that involved recording both ends of a Skype conversation. It finally turned out to be quite easy, requiring nothing more than setting Audio Hijack Pro to the Skype application and clicking record.

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