Screencast - USB Headset set-up for Mac

I have created a screencast to show mac users how to set up their headsets for sound, skype and Nicecast.  Try the trick described above as well since often if one trick does not work for you another will.

How to Set-up a USB Headset for Mac Skype & Nicecast


homework - recording skype call

Well it took some doing. I was finally able to record my skype call. Thanks for everyones help. I resorted to using powergramo. I like it. I couldn't find the link to the VAC's. I did have to go get more ram for this old beat up machine. Now that I have doubled it things are working better. I also made a successfull skype call. 2 more first for this old techy. My tech director is going to flip when I tell him all that I want to add to the Middle School Curriculum.  :) .
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Susan with Cheryl

This is a recording of a Skype call that I recorded with Cheryl Lykowski. It was recorded with Call Recorder and edited in Audacity.

cut and paste 2-way phone calls

well, I haven't completely managed to record a two-way discussion; however, I have recorded each way separately. In addition, I've been playing around with audacity, so there is some profit, even if I haven't quite managed it properly. 

I've recorded my 1st try with mrsdurff , which unfortunalely didn't record me (but there is proof that I was there!) Then I tried the skype lady, who actually let me do both, then I had a wonderful talk with Carla, but only got myself recorded.

Next time I bet I'll manage!!!!

Lisa Parisi - telephony call with Durff

After many trials, I finally recorded a fabulous conversation with Durff.  Had fun talking.  Editing was tricky as our voices were mixed together and I sound much louder than she but for my first attempt, I think it went well.  Enjoy!

Success at Last!

Such struggles with recording a Skype call.  Spent hours yesterday with Maria, Alice, Durff, and Jeff all trying to help.  Thank you all.  Then my dear husband, my technical support, worked until 2AM  to get things working.  Got it going but nothing really sounded right. 


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