2-Way Telephony on Skype by Sarah Sutter with Alice Barr

Just a quickie conversation with Alice Barr reflecting on our week post-Educon.

2-way telephony Karen Dennis Telephony recording 2-2-08

Well, this assignment took me some time.  I spent two entire days trying to figure out why I couldn't record what I was hearing on the skype call.  My voice was going through loud and clear, but their's was not.  Jose helped me out tremendously Saturday night.  Thanks, Jose!  My only problem, though, is that while I can now record both ends of the call, the other end is very faint.  I have tried adjusting all my settings, and still no luck!  I welcome any ideas or input!

Paul McLean - Recording of Skype Two Way Call - 02/01/08

I had a good time with this one.  I decided to be both sides of the skype call.

I have a Skype Out account so I used that to call my regular phone.

I then answered the regular phone and alternated between the two phones using two different voices.  I used the mute buttons to make sure there was no bleeding.


Skpye audio weak for telephone recording

Hi all,

I'm using Windows - I think I have the Audio Repeater, Audacity, and Skype settings as directed - I was able to record 2-way telephony with Skype lady -  my volume is OK - the Skype volume is very low - I looked in the Volume control and the Control panel and think I have internal Mic all the way up - also in audacity and in Skype... any suggestions?



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Recording and Broadcasting with Nicecast, Skype and a Mac

Listen in to Lee Baber and Derrall's webcast audio tutorial explaining how to set- up your Mac for broadcasting and recording using Nicecast, Skype, and Sound Preferences. Both usb headsets and usb mics are addressed. 

Skype Portable in German

I didn't see an English language version (freeware)


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