How do I know when it's OK to stream and how can I add a webcast the event calendar?

Once interns have been given access to the Webcast Academy streams (usually after completion of the first two tasks), they can can webcast anytime they like on either Sandbox A or Sandbox B.

To do impromtu (unscheduled) webcasting, first check the event calendar to make sure nothing is scheduled and then double check that there's no one already on the stream you plan to use by going to the listen page, checking the streaming status, and (just to be sure) try listening to that channel. It's also a good idea to enter the chat room to see if  anything is happening there  If a stream is available, you (interns) are welcome to use it.  If one stream is already in use, but the other is available, feel free to use that.

To schedule an event, click 'create content/event'.  You can  post the time in any timezone you like, but the default time zone is 'GMT'.  If you post the time in another time zone, MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE APPROPRIATE TIME ZONE from the pull down menu.  This will result in that time being listed in the event calendar, but will also cause confusion because time zone adjustments are not made on the calendar page.  As a result, it IS VERY IMPORTANT, that you INCLUDE A GLOBAL TIMES LINK when posting an event.  To do so, go to the Fixed Time Converter and copy the URL of the time you create.

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