Simulcast with Eluminate on a Mac with Nicecast

During the WEBheads in Action Convergence I was able to simulcast Barbara Ganley who was presenting in Eluminate. I made my way to Eluminate and logged in. Then I opened Nicecast and set it to the correct server at WB. Then in Nicecast, for Source I selected Application, found Eluminate LIVE, then went to ADVANCED and selected system output, instead of default, that means that I am streaming the regular system output, not speakers, no mic etc.

Then jump over to the editor, select from the desktop the java. For me it was called meeting-jnlp, when I clicked on that it came up as Java cache viewer. Then I started the broadcast, saw that it was ON AIR, then went back to editor and hijacked. The strange thing is that the number counter doesn't move. Well, I think that is because it is not recording anywhere,  just streaming.

All for now.

May 18, 2007

Cheryl Oakes