Posting with Drupal

Hey Folks,

How do I get the nifty flash player in my blog post of my show? I copied and pasted the code from Jeff's last post, but it did not work. Any help would be appreciated.


- Alex


Have you changed the file name of the .mp3 file?


I haven't been able to find a flash player plugin for Drupal, like I have with Wordpress. There is an 'audio plug-in' in but didn't really like it. I can do it by manually putting in the code Alex mentions, but then the input type has to be set to 'php code' which opening up to too many is a bit of a security threat. Will keep working on this and hope find a more user-friendly way to get an audio flash player. Alex, were you able to attach the audio file to your blog post or did you encounter some problems?

It was no problem to get the mp3 attached. I used my ourmedia account and linked it to the webcastacademy site. Juice picked up the feed and download it for me -- so I think I got the code right. Thanks for the help with the flash media player. When I use that flash media player on my wordpress blog using K2 theme, it blows up my CSS. Thinking about changing themes. We'll see! Thanks again for your help and attention to this guys.