Webcastacademy, Pre-Brainstorm Edition

A discussion with Brad and Cathy that includes the appropriate use of technolog y in education to Australian Christmas stories.

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 Brad Hicks  hey Doug, haven't been able to find the skypecast - is one set up?
 DougSymington  no skypecast this evening
 Brad Hicks  you doing a show?
 DougSymington  skype me to join
 DougSymington  dougsymington
 DougSymington  just doing a conference cathy
 DougSymington  skype dougsymington
 DougSymington  to join
 Brad Hicks  Hi cathy
 cathy e  hello
 cathy e  Brad- you can look at the wiki I have been working on with my staff- www.nhes.wikispaces.com
 cathy e  username=nhes
 cathy e  password=nagshead
 Brad Hicks  thanks cathy
 DougSymington  skype dougsymington to join conversation
 Brad Hicks  [email protected]
 sharonbetts  Hello all - just a moment to listen tonight. I am still fighting with my computer that got burned by VAC.
 Brad Hicks  Hi Sharon
 sroseman  Hi everyone
 sroseman  VAC???
 DougSymington  skype dougsymington anyone who would like to join the conversation via skype
 sroseman  what is the topic this evening?
 DougSymington  this is a webcastacademy session
 sharonbetts  Virtual audio cables - the install crashed my machine - I am trying to get it back. THe sound is quite good tonight. My mic is one of the fatalities.
 DougSymington  nothing really planned
 DougSymington  EdTechBrainstorm
 sharonbetts  Did you get the news that Seymour Papert was critically injured in an accident?
 DougSymington  this evening's show is pretty mu
 DougSymington  uch open for discussion
 sharonbetts  I do have a question - if I am unable to get a show underway before the holidays can I still continue after the new year?
 Brad Hicks  I don't think that would be a problem Sharon
 DougSymington  I would expect so
 sharonbetts  I will make it a new year's resolution - cathy, I feel for you deeply. My machine that crashed is also a Dell.
 JenniferW  Hello everyone
 DougSymington  hi Jennifer
 JenniferW  grins -- am I early or late??
 sharonbetts  Hey Jennifer - bye all. I do love those kids pieces.
 JenniferW  so I am late??
 DougSymington  right on time
 DougSymington  Jen
 JenniferW  cool -- thanks -- and btw -- I have the sniffles too
 sharonbetts  glad we can't share virtual germs -
 JenniferW  agree :)
 sharonbetts  oops doorbell. Take care all -
 sroseman  Hi Jen
 DougSymington  skype dougsymington
 JenniferW  shall call you in about a minute
 cheryloakes  Hey, Doug you are way to humble.
 DougSymington  hi Cheryl skype dougsymington to join
 cheryloakes  Jen, you are too funny
 cheryloakes  Doug yo u are way to humble.
 cheryloakes  googles extended
 cheryloakes  do yo u have a skypecast?
 cheryloakes  okay, Ill skyp
 sroseman  can we enter via skypecast
 sroseman  I guess not
 DougSymington  skype me
 DougSymington  dougsymington
 DougSymington  to join the conversation this evening
 DougSymington  not running a skypecast for tonight's show
 sroseman  ok
 lee ann  hey hey hey
 DougSymington  dougsymington for skype to join
 lee ann  hi doug
 sendkathy  I never thought about trying to do a webcast during the day from the calssroom.
 lee ann  what time did they meet you?
 DougSymington  1:45 Eastern time today
 DougSymington  we just did a skype call
 lee ann  nice
 DougSymington  no webcast
 sendkathy  oh
 DougSymington  it was a lot of fun
 cheryloakes  Hi Susan
 DougSymington  Cathy sent me a PPT and we used that for some talking points
 sendkathy  hi
 lee ann  oh thnks..no vocals tongith but good news
 cheryloakes  what is the news
 lee ann  met with the county and they are talking to me about installing a drupal on the county server!
 cheryloakes  Yahoo! how many will be involved?
 lee ann  they saw my VDOE presentation and are interested in and thinking about some of my open source ideas
 cathy e  Good for you Lee
 lee ann  yea
 lee ann  now i must become a master in drupalese
 sendkathy  People who enjoy writing love to blog
 lee ann  blogging daily is a bit scary I think
 sendkathy  I think many people avoid writing
 JenniferW  Yeah -----
 lee ann  putting oneself on the line
 sendkathy  exactly
 Durff  And why not?
 sendkathy  people who want to be liked will find it difficult to blog
 JenniferW  don't load drupal 5 though --- not yet
 lee ann  ah ha
 lee ann  i have it for my http://newmediaguides.com
 Durff  Who really cares if anyone likes you?
 cheryloakes  Ihave people who email me the comments instead of leaving them on the blog
 lee ann  but i i will use 4.7 for the county
 cheryloakes  good plan Lee
 sendkathy  I know, people like a more private form of communication
 Durff  which blogger do you like best?
 lee ann  iwill be looking for any links and info on the drupal... please send any article, links, sites etc. to my drupal delicious
 lee ann  please
 lee ann  http://del.icio.us/drupal
 Durff  an educator
 sendkathy  I only ecently started a blog on elgg.net
 Durff  thank you
 sendkathy  if only I could type
 DougSymington  Lee - I'd recommend D'Arcy Norman darcynorman.net for some great stuff on drupal
 Durff  i didn't like edublogs
 lee ann  say cathy. i haev some new video screenshot tutorials to go up this week on my elgg book
 DougSymington  and Bill Fitzgerald, of course
 sendkathy  who do you use
 lee ann  it has an answer to that question
 Durff  seriously?
 sendkathy  where are these screenshot tutorials?
 Durff  how could we not?
 lee ann  yes..doug..i have his skpe # and a slot to talk to him right regular..as they ssay in the big ttown of Broadway
 Durff  I love wikis
 Durff  am the 7th grade does too
 sendkathy  I told jen about a way I just started usining it
 Durff  I hear it
 lee ann  the videos will not show up till monday but go there for an answer... http://newmediaguides.com then click on the Elgg Book
 lee ann  then
 sendkathy  I have a small informal collaboration group and I'm the scribe so I now have my team entering their data on a wiki
 DougSymington  great idea Kathy
 sendkathy  thx
 JenniferW  Hi Kathy
 sendkathy  hey jeng
 sendkathy  jen
 sendkathy  too tired tonight
 JenniferW  did you check to see how many people looked at your podcat today???
 JenniferW  :)
 sendkathy  yes thanks I got a bunch more subscribers!
 sendkathy  I also posted a new episode
 lee ann  I wanted to let you all know that i had to cancel the Net Neutrality Webcast.. due to family illness
 DougSymington  sorry to hear that Lee
 DougSymington  hope all's ok
 lee ann  but i planned it again fro later this month or first thing in jan. with Eric Rice and Terry Freedman
 lee ann  Eric is a trip!
 sendkathy  when is that?
 lee ann  a good one though for sure
 sendkathy  I'm trying, I can hear you
 lee ann  i will wait to hear back from them both for the exact time and will post it on http://edtechtalk.com http://webcastacademy.net and http://worldbridges.net when it is set in stone
 lee ann  hows the skiing doug
 lee ann  no voice tonight... sorry
 lee ann  oh.. great
 lee ann  very cool
 lee ann  cathy ..will you snow surf?
 lee ann  at the beach?
 sendkathy  I just got an edisol r1 at school. It has a line in. Wonder if I can record a webcast with it?
 lee ann  yes
 lee ann  definately
 lee ann  do a split on your headphone out..one to headphones one to the r1
 lee ann  depending on the in on the r1 you may have to adapt the 1/8th " plug
 lee ann  yes
 lee ann  yes.. i just looked and it is an 1/8th input so you can directly in
 lee ann  to your r1
 DougSymington  http://www.zzounds.com/item--EDIR1
 DougSymington  for the recorder Kathy mentions
 sendkathy  xtreme mac
 JenniferW  http://www.xtrememac.com/
 sendkathy  http://sendkathy.podomatic.com
 lee ann  http://leblog.exuberance.com/2006/10/edirol_r1_revie.html
 lee ann  http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/MicroTrack2496-main.html
 lee ann  i use this
 lee ann  maudio microtrack
 sendkathy  what does maudio do?
 sendkathy  is it podsafe?
 lee ann  http://www.zzounds.com/item--ZOMH4 this is also great doug
 lee ann  Kathy..it is a two track recorder
 lee ann  it is mac or pc
 lee ann  as is the zoom h4
 sroseman  http://www.pandora.com/
 lee ann  http://newmediaguides.com/node/28 here is some info on prtable recorders
 JenniferW  http://www.protopage.com
 DougSymington  http://www.protopage.com
 cheryloakes  http://www.protopage.com/weskids
 cheryloakes  that is Bob's page for his students
 lee ann  np
 cheryloakes  great talks tonight
 sendkathy  http://creator.zoho.com/index.jsp?targetURL=%2Fhome.do
 lee ann  what in your opinion is the best online cslender? i use google..are ther others
 lee ann  bye cheryl
 cheryloakes  good night over and out
 sendkathy  did you grow up there doug?
 lee ann  thanks and welcome back
 sroseman  Thank you!
 lee ann  what calender do you ses for drupal?
 sendkathy  feel better
 sroseman  That was neat
 Durff  it;s snowing in MD right now
 lee ann  here in va too
 Durff  I'm ready for a snow day
 cathy e  I was using Trumba- but they are no longer free
 lee ann  ok thanks doug..and cathy
 Durff  i can;t turn off reminders in google
 Durff  ideas?
 lee ann  nice idea..moodles is pretty good
 JenniferW  good night
 Durff  google
 Durff  i will try that
 Durff  yeah it's annoying
 sroseman  This was wonderful.
 lee ann  thank you all.. talk to you all soon.. have a good night. Night Jen
 lee ann  night doug n cathy..
 Durff  i use it for the library schedule for the school
 cathy e  Lee did you get my elgg question?
 lee ann  no
 lee ann  please send it again
 cathy e  Seem to be having trouble with comments
 DougSymington  thanks all
 lee ann  i want to kow the details
 DougSymington  talk to you again soon
 lee ann  [email protected]
 cathy e  people leaving comments- it doesn't look like the comment will stick but it does
 lee ann  ca n you send me the exact problem?
 cathy e  so we are ending with 3 of the same comment
 lee ann  oh ok thanks doug
 lee ann  oh
 lee ann  ok
 lee ann  yes..in elgg
 lee ann  right
 cathy e  I'll get the link
 lee ann  what browser do they use
 cathy e  yes
 cathy e  elgg
 Durff  night, night
 lee ann  night durff
 lee ann  cathy waht browser is used most?
 DougSymington  take care all, bye for now
 cathy e  elgg.net/dyerkr/weblog
 cathy e  bye-Doug- Thanks again for your help today
 lee ann  ok i will let you konw tomorrow
 lee ann  for sure
 lee ann  thanks doug
 lee ann  your email cathy..i have it am sure
 lee ann  so i will email you
 lee ann  or im skype
 lee ann  you
 cathy e  [email protected]
 cathy e  cevanoff in skype
 lee ann  ok..got it and i wiill talk to you tomorrow.. :)
 lee ann  night
 lee ann  walk the beach for me .. i miss it
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