Pilots check-list before departure - a list of settings from Niels

My settings for a working system for recording AND streaming:

Soundcard: SigmaTel C-Major Audio v. (11.03.05)

USB-mic from Logitech – AK5379 – driver MS 5.1.2535.0 (01.07.01

Installed: full version of AVC – Audio Virtuel Cabels – or ask Jeff! + all programs form the webcas kit for windows

SYSTEM: WinXP professional v. 2002 - servicepak 2 -

PC: Latitude D810 from Dell -  Prosessor 2GHz - 1 GB RAM

I first open "Recording and Play" (in controlpanel) display to control sound and settings

Recording is set on: StereoMix


Open Skype

Settings: Tools->Settings->Sound

Sound in: AK5370 (my usb-mic)

Sound out: SigmaTel C-Major Audio (my soundcard)

Sound NOT automatic – I disabled this in the hared.xml – file se->


Open Audacity


Playing: SigmaTel C-Major Audio (soundcard)

Recording: SigmaTel C-Major Audio (soundcard)

+popup: control this is on STEREOMIX


Alternative for recording with Audacity – use i-sound (leave this out -it´NOt a part of the "show" )

Settings->MIXER-> Recording device: SigmaTel C-Major Audio (soundcard)

And Recording Source: Stereomix

X Mixer Lock – avtivated (smart device!! To avoid a common failure)


Open Audio Repeater (from AVC)

Settings: Wave inn: AK5370 (USB-mic)

Wave out: SigmaTel C-Major Audio (soundcard)

Buffer: 100

Sample rate 44100

Bitrate: 22 – or 16 don´t matter

Buffers 16 or 8 don´t matter


And the call this SKYPE-LADY to check everything is working!

Now you will be able to record a SKYPEcall in both ends…. I hope?



Happy Streaming..................... your next goal........


Open Simplecast:


  1. encoder – sandbox A: MP3: 64kb/s, 44.1 kz Stereo
  2. encoder – sandbox B. MP3: 24kb/s, 22.1 kz Mono

Server settings:

Sandbox A
Port: 8004
Password: ........ Ask Jeff about the password for Sandbox A

Sandbox B
Port: 8006
Password: ........ Ask Jeff about the password for Sandbox B


Ask Jeff about the password for Sandbox a and B


Or alternative: Use SAM Broadcasting (leave this out if you want - but it´nice software :-)

Config-> Audio Mixer pipeline-> Voice FX desitation-> Encoders

Encoders. Same settings as in Simpel cast

+ rightklick encoders->select source->Soundcard-> SigmaTel C-Major Audio (your soundcard)



Now you will be able to stream to sandbox A and B…. I hope?

If you se any mistakes - of better settings i would like a comment!

My only problem - still - is a very silent USB-MIC compared with the Skype Lady!


I wanted to attach a screenshot - but where does this interface allow me to add an attachment?


read more  niels' blog  add newcomment  subscribe blog  subscribe post - that's it. 


Briefly: I connect to Shout out, I enter userid and pwd, I right click and switch the encoder on - and I get an error 100 message. 




Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY

are people purchasing the full version of virtual audio cables? is that necessary? let me know.

This looks really useful and I will follow it like a recipe. I am sure I have Nordic origins!