EuroMini meeting Thursday NEW time 16.00 GMT

Lets meet Thursday at 17.00 CET – 16.00 GMT - Global time

Meeting link - Comming an hour before


  1. The “round” - where are you? – what are your problems/solutions now?
  2. Using desktop sharing? - trial with Dennis?
  3. Reflections on content in our coming podcasts – who want to do what next?
  4. Round up – decision on meeting time – next week?
  5. Other subjects from you….


Alle interns is invited - also outside Europe!

Otherwise seeing you Sunday at 18.00 CET to the next Intern Meeting with Jeff....

Regards Niels Damgaard


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Thanks for setting this up, Niels. I shall be there. Partner permission has been obtained.  :-)  Dennis 



Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY