Webcast Academy Class of 2.1
Beginning January 15, 2007
Hello and welcome to the special edition of the Webcast Academy!
'The Webcast Academy' is a hands on, collaborative training center for people interested in learning how to produce and host live, interactive webcasts.
A Live Interactive Webcast is basically like a global radio show that is produced and accessed via the internet. A discussion between two or more more parties using a telephony program is streamed live so that many listeners can tune in and, when desired, call in to the show host and participate in the discussion. These shows usually include the use of a text chat room so that listeners and discussion pariticapants can communicate with each other during the show. Telephony + Two-way audio capturing + live streaming = Live Interactive Webcasting.
During the sessions, participants will learn how to set up, prepare for and moderate live interactive webcasts, and make 'podcast' recordings of them. We will also be looking at advice and tips on hosting your own show, choosing a format, and interviewing techniques.
By the end of the session, some of the participants who graduate from the Webcast Academy and wish to continue webcasting will have the opportunity of continuing to webcast their own show on the World Bridges network.
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