How Should I Record My Skype Calls?

Our assignment for this week is to learn more about recording Skype calls. I am looking through the webcast book section on recording Skype calls and it has a lot of different info. Is there some more updated info or perhaps a best-practices choice? I want to go with what has been working best for people. Let me know if there is one that is working best for you and if you have seen any screencasts that might be helpful.

 Next to virtual audio cables there is a link to a screencast, but it takes you to a Sam Broadcaster screencast instead.

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Hi! If you are on a mac, here are some thoughts. I use WireTap Pro. It works well for me. I also have been known to open NiceCast and start the archiving process by clicking on my mic as source, Skype as Application and click Start Broadcast. I have it set to a fake server so it fails login but it still records fine through it's own Archiving process! That way if you do not have a recorder set up or bought, this works quite well. See my tutorial on NiceCast if you want to pursue this. It would be done the exact same way except you just choose "new server" and dont put anything in it. It will then fail to login. Lee