Notes on Webcast Academy Workshop #4b

Brad Hicks hosted Webcast Academy #4b for Macintosh users. cheryloakes and I joined Brad in the conversation. I had my first full succcess, hijacking the Skype call in Nicecast and taking over the stream. Also successfully recorded the Skype call using the ecamm Call Recorder. Thanks for all the help Brad.

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A couple more things I meant to mention. For my rig, I was using an iMac Intel Core Duo with a Blue Snowball USB mic and Sony MDR-V500 headphones (uses RCA mini-jack to connect). I was running Skype for Mac (Beta version, $0 US I was using Nicecast (version 1.8.4) to hijack the Skype call and place the stream. $40.00 US I managed to also run Second Life at the same time, and Brad showed me how to hijack the audio from Second Life and the Skype call and put both those in the stream. To record the Skype call, I used ecamm's Call Recorder (v1.0.4). $12.95 US Brad is interested in making Saturday nights/Sunday mornings a regular Mac-based webcast toubleshooting session. I am interested in exploring Quicktime streaming solutions on the Mac too. Look forward to continuing the conversation. J. Robertshaw --