Things to discuss for the Tuesday night show

Will we double stream or single stream for mac/windows? What about linux?

Will there be 'other times' that people can try and stream something, can people already schedule time to have access to the stream? Lee, for instance, can already webcast.

How will we send jeff the beer he so richly deserves for setting this up?

What else is needed?!?!?

There is plenty of beer here in Ann Arbor and I get intoxicated enough on all of this. Thanks for the good thought but you all are building this theme park, I am just showing up for the ride.

I look forward to firing up Nicecast on my G5 iMac and doing what I can to support the mac effort. I hope to create guiding material on Nicecast and I hope to actually screen cast some. If we are just working on the Mac environment, I was thinking also of experimenting and document Garageband as a recording tool.

Any other suggestions out there?

Those sound like some goog ideas Jeff. Does nicecast also support the screencasting?

I use garageband to record my podcast at school. It's a great tool, but I don't think that it would be useful for webcasting because it will not pick up the audio from other applications like audio hijack or wiretap... is that what you had in mind?


I just got iLife 06 and plan to investigate. This week, I'll play with my audio. It's so funny that I took graduate credits independently when all of this digital audio was so new that there was no class in my media studies program... and now my studies are so old that it's not really helping me! - but I'll figure it out.. even if I need to serve beer in NYC ... maybe that's not a bad idea.. have you seen this?

I have iLife 06 ... if you would like to ask me about anything I might be able to help with, feel free. I may be able to answer a few questions. I love the software! Its really fun to work with.