Weekly Assignements

Hi There!
I see that the main point here, after registration, is to complete the weekly homework assignements. Where we have to put the video recordings and assignements?

where do we find the assignments?


We haven't formalized weekly assigments yet, but for now, please download programs listed in The Webcaster Kit and watch the screenshot video guides there. When you're ready to 'give it a shot', come to one of the scheduled workshops and see how things go.

Hey Jeff,
Do we have a video guide for nicecast on the Mac? I noticed the ones you have posted were all for the windows apps... which makes sense because you run windows. Also the .wmv files won't play on the mac version of Windows Media Player, we just get audio. Any suggestions other than buying a PC?

Thanks.. looking forward to this,

I believe Lee Baber & Jeff Flynn are both working on one. As soon as they've got something we'll post it here.

We're still figuring out the best way to present all of the screen capture video and other guide material, but we should have it sorted out soon.

Is there a rss feed for the academy audio?

Thanks for the reminder Susan. Just created a left menu block for rss feed links. Looking forward to some adventures in webcasting Tuesday night. Jeff