Streaming and Conducting an Audio and Video Interview

1. Introduction

Benchmark Examples

Learn about Live, On-Demand, and Hybrid Streaming 

Producing Video for the Web .pdf 85 pages

Event Organization using Wikis

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2. Configuration 

Webcaster Kit for Interview Guests
- Technical Basics (Hardware, Software, Basic Structure & Procedures)

-- Guest microphone: A USB mic completely separate to the sound card displays no interference. Not even the USB mic built into a webcam achieves the quality of a completely separate USB mic. Logitech USB Desktop Mic (AK5370) is by far the best tested and verified microphone requirement. Please also check Skype Call Quality Issues in order to remedy frequent problem areas, such as: Call echo, background noise, one-way sound, robotic sound, words cut off, and delay. Sound spectrums may be increased or decreased in energy level by using your Equalizer EQ utility software as supplied along with your sound card in order to compensate for audio feedback. Sound volume may be controlled inside the Skype panel under Tools > Options > Audio settings.

- Guest headset: Using speakers is also a source for audio feedback in the microphone, thus making the use of a headset necessary.

- Show & Content Basics

3. Process

Administration Processes 

Core Processes

Support Processes 

How to transcribe wave-to-text for blog publication