Converging The Basic Program 101 into WizIQ/ Moodle (for Synchronous and Asynchronous Training)

A. Introduction

The newly appointed administrator John Schmidt for the (free) Wikiversity Moodle Sandbox Server writes:

"Hopefully in the future we will all be able to instantly link into video chat discussion groups. Maybe some day Wikiversity will exist as an immersive virtual reality environment."

As soon as John visits the Webcast Academy, he will discover that the Academy is doing this already. He has received an invitation. This may be a fruitful opportunity to collaborate and converge along with Wikiversity.

Benchmark Example

Check Lee Baber's tour of Second Life in the 2nd half of the video:

B. Configuration


Best4c / Gliffy (like Visio, but collaborative)

Google Docs / Zoho (collaborative documents)

Mind42 Collaborative Online Mindmapping for Content Structure Building (MindManager is for the desktop, get the teacher's version)

WizIQ, free virtual classroom provider (which also operates in conjunction with Moodle)

authorPoint Lite

WizIQ Demo Workshop Replay: Click on "Play Recording" and wait for the playback start

WizIQ in YouTube 

- WizIQ for Moodle (synchronous)

- Elluminate Bridge for Moodle (synchronous)

Moodle, open source course management system (asynchronous)

Moodle in YouTube 

YouTube in Moodle 

Diigo Bookmarking: Moodle

Webcast Academy Moodle

Wikipedia about Moodle

Free Wikiversity Moodle Sandbox Server

C. Process (full life-cycle project view)

C1. Administration Processes 

Team Building 

Before this turns into a project kick-off, who wants to get involved in this? (Please add your name to the list)

Course Facilitator Qualification Requirements

Web 2.0 Facilitator Recruitment Solution

Apple OS
Derrall Garrison
(Doug Syminton)

Jose Rodriguez

DE101 pending
(James O'Reilly)


Intern Computer Literacy Requirements (International Computer Driving License)

Basic Terms in English

More (148) Countries & Languages

C2. Core Processes


Project Manager



x Old Interns

y New Interns

Web 2.0 Human Relationship Management


Course Milestone List

Course Life-Cycle Launch

Course Facilitator Recruiting Completed

Course Planning Completed

Course Announcement Day

Course Registration

Course Introduction

Course Schedule Announcement Day

Course Warm-Up Webcast

Course Assignment 1

Course Webcast 1

Course Webcast 1.1

Course Assignment 2

Course Webcast 2

Course Webcast 2.1

Course Assignment 3

Course Webcast 3

Course Webcast 3.1

Course Assignment 4

Course Webcast 4

Course Webcast 4.1 

Course Assignment 5

Course Webcast 5

Course Webcast 5.1

Interncast 1

Interncast 2

Interncast 3


Webcaster Portfolio Submitted

Graduation Day = Course Life-Cyle Ending


Course Breakdown Structure (project phases)

Supervisory Life-Cycle Planning

Course Facilitator Recruiting

Course Event Planning

Course Announcement Day

Course Event Promotion 

Intern Application Process

Learning About The Configuration Environment

Learning About The Support Environment

Course Scheduling

Course Warm-Up

Course Launch & Execution 1-5

Intern Wrap-Up

Quality Survey Feedback & Evaluation


Web 2.0 Project Resource Planning & GANNT