Interncast#1 Jane Jiang 2008-2-24

Hi, This is the today’s JJ show as my first interncast. The topic was Independent filmmaking. The guest was Mr. Steve Weiss from the company of “No Festival Required” in phoenix Arizona USA. I am honored that Mr. Jeff Lebow who is the Dean/Chief of the webcast academy and also the founder of the has been with me during the interview. Thank you very much, Jeff for helping me get through it. I have so so much to learn from you ahead as always. I did enjoy the experiment :) and I will certainly enjoy meeting more challenges!  This webcast was brought over here with the support of the

Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/Jiang La

                                                   Chat Log Below  2008-02-23

20:02:12 lee baber ->  Hello  

20:02:27 JL -> Hello Lee and Skoelker  

20:02:34 lee baber -> Hi 

20:02:48 lee baber -> Sandbox B?  

20:02:57 lee baber -> oK  

20:02:59 lee baber -> good  

20:04:40 lee baber -> Who is the guest this evening?  

20:19:42 JoseRodriguez ->Hey there.  Good Audio on Sandbox A  

20:19:50 jane jiang -> b  

20:19:52 jane jiang -> b  

20:21:23 JoseRodriguez -> Sounds good on Both A and B  

20:21:30 JL -> great  

20:22:27 JoseRodriguez -> A bit of echo starting to come through on B  

20:22:42 JoseRodriguez -> But still listenable  

20:23:03 JoseRodriguez -> Ok, echo is gone  

20:24:01 JL -> oops, Jane  answered call from someone and put me and Steve on hold  

20:25:29 JoseRodriguez -> I'll join conversation, not very familiar with independent films :-(  

20:25:44 JL -> she's ready for you  

20:26:01 JoseRodriguez -> Want me to call in?  

20:26:08 JL -> sure  

20:26:08 jane jiang -> yes plz  

20:26:16 JoseRodriguez -> what skype id?  

20:26:25 jane jiang -> vicn the air  

20:26:29 jane jiang -> yar eon my liist  

20:26:34 JL -> voiceontheair  

20:26:41 jane jiang -> you are on y t  

20:26:46 JL -> her ID in the group skype chat  

20:27:13 JoseRodriguez -> OK I am in  

20:28:58 JoseRodriguez -> thanks  

20:29:47 JoseRodriguez -> yes  

20:30:02 JoseRodriguez -> I'll just listen in.  My bandwidth is limited today.  

20:30:14 jane jiang -> ok. thank you\  

20:31:28 JoseRodriguez -> Skype and web 2.0 films are pretty impressive  

20:32:06 JoseRodriguez -> I like the buffallo film that circulated on the internet last year  

20:32:42 JoseRodriguez -> water buffalo  

20:33:56 JoseRodriguez -> I know that just recently in Mexico that was an independent film made about the 2006 presidential elections.  Looking at election fraud.

20:34:46 JoseRodriguez -> Hi Doug  

20:34:55 dougsymington -> Hi Jose, and all  

20:35:07 JL -> Hey Doug  

20:35:13 dougsymington -> greetings from my hotel in Vancouver  

20:35:14 JL -> at Northern Voice?  

20:35:17 JL -> cool  

20:35:21 JoseRodriguez -> There is still something about sitting in a theater and watching a film on the big screen

20:35:32 dougsymington -> just finished the conf  

20:36:17 JoseRodriguez -> Living in Southern California, in the shadow of Hollywood, it is difficult to see beyond blockbuster hype  

20:36:28 dougsymington -> listening on the eeepc--sounds good--congrats on your first show Jane  

20:36:33 JoseRodriguez -> How was conference Doug?   In Nevada?  

20:36:46 dougsymington -> northernvoice == NV  

20:37:08 dougsymington -> great conference--lots of good stuff to be sure  

20:37:13 JoseRodriguez -> NV is?  

20:38:08 JoseRodriguez -> The Chief.  

20:38:40 JL -> stepping away now -  great job Jane- happy weekend to all  

20:38:51 JoseRodriguez -> bye, Jeff  

20:38:54 dougsymington -> you too JL  

20:39:25 dougsymington -> can't skype now, but sounding great Jane  

20:39:36 jane jiang -> thank you  

20:46:43 dougsymington -> thanks for a wonderful show  

20:47:31 dougsymington -> bye for now





























































































































Congrats on your first interncast. I was disappointed to not be able to attend it live. The audio was clear and you facilitated the conversation nicely. I also enjoyed learning about independent filmaking! Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

You did a great job, Jane... :-) James/Eurominuteman

That was incredibly awesome! I really enjoyed listening to this interncast!