Streaming Hosted Music & Show Events (into/within/from Second Life)

A. Introduction

Benchmark Examples

Second Life Discjockey

U2 in a SL Virtual Concert in Second Life

Real-live/Second Life Blended Rock Concert 

Best Practices for Organizing SL/Real World Events

Second Life Machinima in YouTube 




B. Configuration

Second Life Toolbox 

Audio/Music in Second Life 

Movies & Machinima in Second Life

Avatar Files  Avatar Clothes / SL Clothes Previewer (freeware)

Sculpted Prims: 3D Software Guide 


The future of virtual worlds and 3D Web applications is in being able to support standard 3D content rather than having to rely on proprietary content authoring tools. This is one of the key attributes of SceneCaster, a new 3D Web social media site launched at DEMO conference. SceneCaster supports almost all popular 3D formats, including 3D Studio Max, Sketchup, DWF, etc, and integrates with Google's 3D Warehouse. As a result, SceneCaster users can search for and import 3D content from the largest catalog of 3D objects on the Web and create their customized 3D scenes -- right in their browser. We've also recently announced a partnership with Turbo Squid and will be featuring their catalog of premium 3D content.

Open Source Software for Second Life

MachinimaCamHUD v0.11 Pro 

C. Process

C1. Administration Processes

Event Management in Second Life

Organizing Virtual Events 

Streaming Music into SecondLife With Winamp

Streaming Video into Second Life (SL's Parcel Media, play webpages, movies etc.)

Bringing live video to Second Life




C2. Core Processes

a. 3D Computer-Aided-Design

- 3D Illustrations Outside Second Life
SceneCaster, Google SketchUp 6

- Out-world 3D Prim Creation and Import into Second Life

- In-World 3D Prim Creation within Second Life

- Prim Export from Second Life

b. Machinima and Animation

- 3D Movie Creation outside Second Life

- Audio/Video Streaming into Second Life
Second Life's Parcel Media Feature

- In-World Machinima Creation within Second Life

- Audio/Video Capture from Second Life (e.g. for Use in YouTube)


c. ...

C3. Support Processes 

Diigo Bookmarking: Second Life

Editing and uploading sounds - Second Life

Sound sliders explained - Second Life

Zoom In & Out - Second Life

Moving your camera further and better - Second Life

Advanced camera snapshotting - Second Life


Running multiple SL viewers at the same time - Second Life

Wiki: Multiple-camera setup

How to use gestures - Second Life

Advanced movement controls - Second Life

LipSync Viewer

Animation Gesticulation