USB Mic the problem?

I had a much better week this week then last.  I was so frustrated last week after learning that my Skype recording on Audacity did not play back my skype call's voice very loud.  I spent not only hours, but days trying to switch settings, and all to no avail.  After spending so much time on my laptop at home, I tried to work with my computer in my office, but that did not offer a "stereo mix" setting under the volume control, however, one of the laptops in my lab did.  When I tried recording on that laptop, the exact same thing happened on that computer as happened on my laptop at home.

I proceeded to call my college's tech people, who referred me onto the university's tech people.  Their only advice was to try to see if there was something other than Audacity that I could use to record.  Well, long story short, in the back and forth of all of this between my home and my office, I ended up cracking my usb mic.  I tried super glue, and that held a while, but not long.  I ended up going back to Best Buy and buying two more usb mics, one for my office, one for home.  Right when I got back from the store, I had to try to record using the new mic.  And, this is interesting, I recorded a skype test call, and all went perfectly....all sound was recorded without any problems or volume issues, and on both my home laptop and the laptop in my lab at school.  Has anyone ever had that problem before?  I now believe that the problem wasn't in the settings, but somehow in my mic, which I can't seem to figure out, because the skype call doesn't go thru my mic, it went thru to the sound card..right?  Does this make sense?  The only thing that has changed, though, is the mic. 

Anyway, I had to throw that out there in case others were having the same problem.  I am working now on setting up my first webcast.  I really appreciate having an extra week to play "catch up" after this technical setback.  I hope to be back on track for this week now!


I am glad for you.


Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/Jiang La