Streaming into/within/from 3D Virtual Worlds (Converging Webcasting/ WiZiQ/ Moodle/ SLoodle into Second Life/Project Wonderland)

A. Introduction

Up to now, the standard converged situation was meant to look like this:

- Moodle & SLoodle & Avatar Trainer

But newly converged situations are also now unfolding:

- WizIQ/Moodle (Chat, Audio, Video, Synchronous, Asynchronous) & SLoodle & Avatar Trainer (Chat, Audio, Gesture) & (In-world Video)...Open Source virtual worlds, and other whatnot to come 8-]

In order to enable this module, some course material must be prepared and installed. So it might be favorable to consider converging The Basic Program into WizIQ/Moodle first. Check the relevant module for this.

Benchmark Examples

SLanguage 2008 Conference for Language Education in Virtual Worlds 

Second Life Educators - Mailing List  (Archives) (Webcasting in Second Life)

Second Life Corporate Use - Mailing List  (Archives)

Service Provider for SL Streaming

Classroom: Web 2.0 

Check Lee Baber's tour of Second Life in the 2nd part of the video:

Google's Own Second Life?

Meta Search: webcasting second life 

Discussion Thread

Project Wonderland "Open Source Second Life"

B. Configuration

Moodle, open source course management software

Moodle in YouTube

Diigo Bookmarking: Moodle

Free Wikiversity Moodle Sandbox Server 

Second Life

Second Life Toolbox

Diigo Bookmarking: Second Life

How to enable Voice in Second Life

Using Second Life Voice

Free Teaching Tools for Second Life (Webcastatorium) 

SLoodle integrates the Second Life multi-user virtual environment and the Moodle learning-management system.

SLoodle in YouTube 

Open Source Software for Second Life

Streaming YouTube Videos in Second Life 


C. Process 

C1. Administration Processes

Provider Registration & Basic Knowledge

Establishing an SL Workshop Event Venue

How to Plan an SL Workshop Event 

Best Practices for Organizing SL/Real World Events

How to Schedule and Promote an SL Workshop Event 

C2. Core Processes

What Avatar Workshop Presentation Skills are Needed 

Avatar Animation 

The Webcastatorium = The Virtual Presentator's Sandbox 

The Global Kids Overview To Presenting In Teen Second Life

Bringing live video to Second Life

First Test - Webcasting from Second Life (Mac)


C3. Support Processes 

Sound sliders explained - Second Life

Editing and uploading sounds - Second Life

Advanced movement controls - Second Life

Running multiple SL viewers at the same time - Second Life

Wiki: Multiple-camera setup

How to Install and Operate Virtual Presentation Equipment in SL



Excellent lecture about education convergence into Second Life:

About 50 worldwide participants attended the online live lecture.


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What is Second Life good for?

How organizations use the platform

Video: Educational Uses of Second Life