Streaming into/within/from 2D Virtual Workshops (Converging Webcasting into Moodle)

A. Introduction

In order to enable this module, some course material must be prepared and installed. So it might be favorable to consider converging The Basic Program into WizIQ/Moodle first. Check the relevant module for this.

Benchmark Examples

eLearn Magazine

WizIQ Demo Workshop Replay: Click on "Play Recording" and wait for the playback start

B. Configuration

Thinkfree Online Collaborative MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and MS Excel

WizIQ, free virtual classroom provider (which also operates in conjunction with Moodle)

WizIQ in Moodle (synchronous)

authorPoint Lite

WizIQ in YouTube

Moodle, open source course management software (asynchronous)

Moodle in YouTube

Diigo Bookmarking: Moodle

Free Wikiversity Moodle Sandbox Server

C. Process

C1. Administration Processes

Guidelines for e-Learning following a Web 2.0 Approach


C2. Core Processes

C3. Support Processes 



This paper offers a critical examination of an e-learning project in the context of a Distance Education training program delivered to teacher trainers by an external university in Rwanda. In examining the successes and failures of the project, it uses a framework based on ideas promulgated by Moore (1995) and strives to provide guidance and reference for future projects in this field. 

vRoom, free for max. 3 people (desktop sharing, small office conference, used in conjunction the CIDER notes of The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning

FreeConference, free for 150 participants/4 hours (conference call plus desktop sharing)