Blogging4Educators Meet The Women of the Web2.0

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This is the podcast of a wonderful talk with the Women of the Web2.0 and participants of the blogging4educators EVO session 2008 on blogging.

The recording with photos and chat transcript is available at WiziQ


  • The Women of the Web2.0 blogging stories
  • Making mistakes
  • Taking risks in blogging
  • Finding a blogger's tone and voice
  • Commenting
  • Favorite blogging tools (Vicky's great tips!)
  • Feedback
  • Tagging and Technorati
  • The Writingmatrix (Vance Stevens and team concept)
  • Networking
  • Mystery Guest activity
  • Blogging strategies in the classroom
  • The "Important person" factor (Sharon Peters talks about the importance of a true audience for students' motivation and willingness to take a step ahead in their writing)

 The blogging4educators Team would like to congratulate the amazing WoW2.0 for being there for us and sharing a bit of their own stories, successes and failures with us. Yes, they are, indeed, transparent learners!