Class Meeting, 2.4.3

Here is the audio from today's Webcast Academy class, 2.4.3. 


13:48:08  shoemap ->  Hi Karen!
13:48:19  Karen Dennis ->  Hi Pam!
13:48:45  shoemap ->  How are you today?
13:49:00  Karen Dennis ->  Better now that I was able to post my assignment 2!
13:49:05  Karen Dennis ->  I had a rought time with that!
13:49:07  shoemap ->  :-)
13:49:19  Karen Dennis ->  Jose was wonderful in helping me
13:49:27  shoemap ->  We might be able to help you with your volume problem
13:49:37  Karen Dennis ->  That would be great!
13:49:44  shoemap ->  Jose is awesome
13:49:51  Karen Dennis ->  I have tried all I can think of.
13:50:04  Karen Dennis ->  Yes, he was very good with his explanations
13:50:55  JL ->
13:51:59  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hi, folks.
13:52:06  Matt Montagne ->  hey dennis
13:52:19  Karen Dennis ->  Hi Dennis!
13:52:21  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hey, Matt!
13:52:24  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hiya, Karen.
13:52:39  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hey, Derrall.
13:52:46  derrallg ->  Hi Dennis
13:52:54  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hey, Pam.
13:53:10  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Cyndi in hays, ks
13:53:21  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hi, Cyndi.
13:53:32  shoemap ->  Do you hear any music?
13:53:34  Dennis in Phoenix ->  It's good to hear you, Pam and Jeff.
13:53:37  Matt Montagne ->  no music here
13:53:37  Matt Montagne ->  Hi Everyone
13:53:39  Dennis in Phoenix ->  No, I don't hear music.
13:53:40  cyndidannerkuhn ->  been trying to uload my assignment and keep getting an error message, how big can a reording be
13:53:44  Matt Montagne ->  now i do
13:53:54  Matt Montagne ->  Metallica?
13:54:03  shoemap ->  not hardly
13:54:06  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I heard music, but with a LOT of background noise.
13:54:07  shoemap ->  volume ok?
13:54:09  Matt Montagne ->  he he he
13:54:10  cyndidannerkuhn ->  mine is mp3 and under 2 minutes, says it is 1.6 mb
13:54:13  Karen Dennis ->  I hear it, it is beautifyl!
13:54:28  shoemap ->  Pam is playing....
13:54:44  Matt Montagne ->  just wait...
13:54:51  cyndidannerkuhn ->  no sound for me yet
13:54:57  Karen Dennis ->  You are talented to be able to both type in AND play the piano!
13:55:06  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I heard piano music—kind of upscale muzak.
13:55:24  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Do you type with a stylus between your teeth, Pam?
13:55:37  cyndidannerkuhn ->  loggin out and back in to see if I can get the sound going, BRB
13:55:45  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Or is it not Pam speaking?
13:56:02  JL ->
13:56:07  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Well, that's how it sounds to me.
13:56:19  shoemap ->  Hi all - we'll be getting going soon!
13:56:26  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Should I say "It's divinely beautiful"?
13:56:35  Dennis in Phoenix ->  ;-)
13:56:37  derrallg ->  honesty is the best policy
13:56:41  shoemap ->  Hi there Dennis!
13:56:48  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hey, Pam!
13:57:59  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hi, Debby.
13:58:06  dgoodman ->  hello
13:58:32  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hi, Sheila.
13:58:36  shoemap ->  oh no, my husband is vacuuming now
13:58:38  sheila ->  hi  there
13:58:54  Dennis in Phoenix ->  The bane of homegrown webcasting, no?
13:59:10  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hi, Sonja.
13:59:26  sonjag ->  Hi Dennis in Phoenix!
13:59:39  Dennis in Phoenix ->  How's by you, Sonja?
13:59:44  sonjag ->  Hi Everyone!
13:59:47  shoemap ->  Music off, ready to go!
13:59:54  sonjag ->  Dennis-- things are good. How about with you?
14:00:11  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Actually, I liked the music—even though it did sound like upscale muzak to me.
14:00:17  sonjag ->  Dennis-- except that I haven't done my homework.... shhhhhhh
14:00:37  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Things are OK, Sonja—a bit fractured and I'm behind in everything—but OK.
14:00:51  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Mum's the word, Sonja! (I'm in the same boat.)
14:01:06  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Nice intro, Pam. Very cheery.
14:01:18  Madeline_Here ->  Hi folks....
14:01:43  Madeline_Here ->  Trying to catch up. Will conquer the live sandbox soon. Really
14:02:02  Sarah S ->  Got my telephony recorded - but not edited for posting yet.  :)
14:02:18  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hi, Sarah.
14:02:22  Madeline_Here ->  Yeah, got as far as telephony.
14:02:23  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hi, Bennett.
14:02:25  sheila ->  I just tried the skype lady recording, but sound levels were very low.
14:02:27  Sarah S ->  Hi Dennis
14:02:51  Madeline_Here ->  Bevis and Butthead skype was so cool
14:03:06  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Can't wait to hear it, Madeline!
14:03:09  JL ->
14:05:23  cyndidannerkuhn ->  anybody have sound?
14:05:25  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I know I can do the personal intro and two-way telephony recordings because I've done them before (and will do them again very soon). The Week 3 work is where I need to be sure I actually know what I'm doing.
14:05:48  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Yes, I can hear fine, Cyndi. I'm using the Ustream option.
14:05:55  derrallg ->
14:05:57  sheila ->  I'm using ustream
14:06:00  shoemap ->  cindi - you should have sound
14:06:30  derrallg ->
14:06:31  cyndidannerkuhn ->  my Ustream says off air, only I am in chat
14:07:12  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Did you click on the "start" button in the bottom left corner of the Ustream window, Cyndi?
14:07:13  JL ->  cyndi, are you at: ?
14:07:43  Madeline_Here ->  streaming with speakers?
14:07:54  Madeline_Here ->  What does that accomplish?
14:07:57  Matt Montagne ->  to see how it deals with feedback
14:08:10  Madeline_Here ->  Oh, speakers work with a group assembled around a mic
14:08:46  Madeline_Here ->  I got a Xing, so it shouldn't be a problem with a group
14:08:53  Madeline_Here ->  Hi Jo!!
14:09:03  jomcleay ->  hi Madeline and all
14:09:12  derrallg ->  hi Jo
14:09:25  jomcleay ->  a bit late but here now
14:09:33  jomcleay ->  Hi Jeff
14:09:50  cyndidannerkuhn ->  grrr....not Ustream coming in says off air, is that correct?
14:09:52  jomcleay ->  what is the URL
14:09:58  derrallg ->
14:10:00  jomcleay ->  pls?
14:10:23  jomcleay ->  thx
14:10:27  shoemap ->  Please put any questions/problems/issues in the chat window.
14:10:44  derrallg ->  Hi Jose
14:10:56  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi Everyone :-)
14:11:00  Matt Montagne ->  adjusting audio trim levels between two calls...
14:11:04  Madeline_Here ->  Yes, it's the login/password that I'll need for the sandbox lesson
14:11:20  Madeline_Here ->  followed Lee's settings and got as far as that
14:12:23  sheila ->  The fake server - do I use the built-in server to test nicecast?
14:12:41  Madeline_Here ->  moving windows around to follow Jeff
14:12:47  derrallg ->  no the fake server is for when you want to archive only
14:12:51  cyndidannerkuhn ->  am I correct, now video Usteam or sound at the moment?  or is it just me?
14:13:10  cyndidannerkuhn ->  no video stream
14:13:24  jomcleay ->  sorry what is the yugma session id?
14:13:26  Matt Montagne ->  I have video
14:13:28  JL ->
14:13:29  sheila ->  yes on usteream
14:13:30  bennettj ->  no problems here
14:13:32  JoseRodriguez ->  Audio and video seems to be fine
14:13:33  Karen Dennis ->  As you know, I had problems hearing the recording of my husbands voice on my telephony call
14:13:33  Sarah S ->  I have video
14:13:34  jomcleay ->  I amgtting video
14:13:37  JL ->  Session ID: 203-430-042
14:13:38  cyndidannerkuhn ->  grrr...
14:13:56  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I HAVE nothing but the chat window
14:13:59  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I seem to be getting  video. The screen is moving. However, it's so small I can't tell.
14:14:08  cyndidannerkuhn ->  the video says off air, not streaming
14:14:09  dgoodman ->  sound good here
14:14:14  Dennis in Phoenix ->  And the chat is sluggish right now.
14:14:17  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I will log out and back in again, BRB
14:14:19  dgoodman ->  dennis are u on mac
14:14:35  courosa ->  Everything is working beautifullly.
14:14:36  sheila ->  I had audio issues recording my test call. Sound was too low.
14:14:38  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Yes—a Mac.
14:15:06  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I have a PC, but I prefer a Mac and generally use it as a matter of principle, if nothing else.
14:15:09  dgoodman ->  mine too is small-no maximize-i have not figured out how to make it fit my screen
14:15:17  JoseRodriguez ->  alec the man I caught brainstorm with Doug, great session.
14:15:35  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hi, James.
14:15:36  derrallg ->  who wants to join us for Skype conf.
14:15:49  Eurominuteman ->  hi dennis
14:15:58  cyndidannerkuhn ->  yeah sound and video
14:16:05  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Hola, José. I was saying hello earlier when my browser froze and crashed.
14:16:11  courosa ->  thanks Jose, didn't know you would get much with just audio, but thanks!
14:16:35  JoseRodriguez ->  Saludos, Dennis
14:17:03  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I will help, I have degrees in journalism and graphic design and even published a book last year
14:17:26  JoseRodriguez ->  Cool, Cyndi
14:17:33  Eurominuteman ->  it is a complex thing
14:17:41  cyndidannerkuhn ->  could you share the link you are discussing
14:17:49  courosa ->  good design can include social affordances and be intuitive, but it still depends on the author.
14:17:57  sheila ->  I'll skype in with a question about recording the skype conference. kmno4s
14:18:12  jomcleay ->  good point alec
14:18:13  Madeline_Here ->  8039 Down and 472 up
14:18:19  Eurominuteman ->  i look at the audio engineering issues actually, as an engineer
14:18:30  JoseRodriguez ->  find a way to break it :-) usually works for me.
14:18:41  Madeline_Here ->
14:19:01  derrallg ->  @alec how much are your students altering the wiki?
14:19:21  JoseRodriguez ->  Just skip the advanced stuff and stick with the basics
14:19:24  Eurominuteman ->  true
14:19:27  Dennis in Phoenix ->  It doesn't scare me. I just pretend it's written in Armenian.
14:19:36  JoseRodriguez ->  Me too.
14:19:41  cyndidannerkuhn ->  me too
14:19:44  Dennis in Phoenix ->  :D
14:19:59  JoseRodriguez ->  Unless you are Armenian.
14:20:14  dgoodman ->  @dennis-going to super bowl today
14:20:18  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Of course. Armenians would pretend it was written in Klingon.
14:20:22  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I can't get my skpe recording to upload, keep getting a ftal error, it is mpe and 1.6 mb, any ideas?
14:20:25  JoseRodriguez ->  Then you choose another languange
14:20:29  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Good for you, Debby.
14:20:37  courosa ->  @derrallg ... it's slow, but what I expected, and i suppose there are a few determining factors (student load, unfamiliar with wikis & content) ... but mostly I think that students are not (and have not bought in yet to) familiar with the culture of collaboration and sharing.
14:20:45  jomcleay ->  speed test I've got 10636 down and 654 up. is this ok
14:20:47  Dennis in Phoenix ->  The stadium is close to my house, but I have no interest in the Super Bowl.
14:20:50  JL ->  Cyndi, mpe or mp3?
14:21:00  cyndidannerkuhn ->  mp3
14:21:06  Matt Montagne ->  fake server is only for not streaming
14:21:08  JoseRodriguez ->  Deborah at the superbowl? Wow how about a webcast from there?
14:21:11  Eurominuteman ->  i added the fact that my config objective is real-time live music hosting
14:21:16  Matt Montagne ->  u just want to save file locally
14:21:19  JoseRodriguez ->  Maybe even a ustream
14:21:19  Madeline_Here ->  Cindi--I too had the fatal error then all was well in the kingdom. I thought I broke the whole website because I couldn't get back on for a while. :-)
14:21:28  JL ->  cyndi, what did the error message say?
14:21:30  dgoodman ->  no not there just wondering of Dennis was going as he lives in Arizone
14:21:45  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Fatal Error then lots of code
14:21:54  Eurominuteman ->  this goes beyond the academy course objectives
14:22:09  Matt Montagne ->  try to crank up gain on mic in system prefs/control panel
14:22:18  bennettj ->  sppedtest froze up my ie, flash error, let's try again
14:22:52  cyndidannerkuhn ->  mine was about an hour ago
14:23:16  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I haven't seen an error message—but my browser froze again about five minutes ago and I had to enter the chatroom again.
14:23:34  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I am trying agin now, so will let you know in a minute
14:23:46  Matt Montagne ->  nooo
14:23:54  courosa ->  what's up?
14:23:59  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I don't think I'll go to Skype today.
14:24:01  bennettj ->  12010 down and 1728 up
14:24:12  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Doing good!
14:24:20  dgoodman ->  no skype today for me-lots of noise at my house today
14:24:26  Madeline_Here ->  ERROR (SOMEWHAT TRUNKATED) Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 25165824 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 641
14:24:32  jomcleay ->  jay mine is 10636 down nd 654 up
14:24:55  sheila ->  I got that error message before; rebooted and it worked fine.
14:25:33  bennettj ->  i only tried a couple of times, and only recorded myself, nothing on the other end
14:25:51  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Earlier today, I tried getting into Webcast Academy and got a javascript error message—twice.
14:26:00  Madeline_Here ->  TRYING AGAIN to share the error message.  I don't have it all, but this is the begining of it.----Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 25165824 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 641
14:26:12  Dennis in Phoenix ->  But I completely rebooted and it was OK.
14:26:43  Madeline_Here ->  Ah, the site was down. I tried a completely differet browser, but still got same message
14:26:50  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I did that: reset the browser, cleared the cache after I rebooted.
14:27:05  Madeline_Here ->  Got the error in Firefox, then again in Safari
14:27:37  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I got the javascript error in Firefox and Safari. I'm using Camino now, and everything's fine.
14:27:59  Madeline_Here ->  Yes, it was exactly one hour ago that I experienced the outtage
14:28:04  dgoodman ->  hi cindy p
14:28:07  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Take care of yourself, Mary!
14:28:17  cindy p ->  Hi deborah
14:28:20  cindy p ->  Hi everyone
14:29:17  Matt Montagne ->  I'm paying big money for this webcast academy too
14:29:31  Matt Montagne ->  :)
14:29:37  bennettj ->  this is my kind of course, behin?  no problem!
14:29:40  jomcleay ->  LOL Matt
14:29:42  bennettj ->  behind?
14:29:45  kolmstead ->  I can relate to Mary - I just started a graduate course too!
14:29:54  dgoodman ->  :D
14:29:58  Sarah S ->  :D
14:30:13  Karen Dennis ->  I am also taking this course for credit towards my doctorate.  I have to do well!
14:30:19  dgoodman ->  @mary-my second time and behind again
14:30:24  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I'm glad to hear the "It's perfectly OK" messages. The Webcast Academy is a wonderful learning experience and it's really nice to know that it's not a complete-everything-on-time-or-fail proposition!
14:30:35  jomcleay ->  It's such a relief
14:30:41  kolmstead ->  football season isn't over yet!
14:30:42  JL ->  karen, would you like to try some Yugma show and tell to troubleshoot your audio issue
14:30:45  Karen Dennis ->  me too!  especially after the problems I had with assignment 2
14:30:57  Madeline_Here ->  Oh, my...I'm back here in 2.4 and I think I first tried this in 2.1
14:31:01  JoseRodriguez ->  Karen you should do some trouble-shooting on your audio, call in.
14:31:13  JL ->
14:31:53  Karen Dennis ->  ok, hopefully my browser won't crash again!
14:32:21  JoseRodriguez ->  Go for it!
14:32:26  Madeline_Here ->  after signing in to Yugma what next?
14:32:41  JL ->  click here:
14:32:42  JoseRodriguez ->  you follow with the presenters desktop
14:33:15  sheila ->  @Madeline - it takes a while for the program to load.
14:33:38  JL ->  anybody in the Yugma want to share their desktop
14:33:47  Matt Montagne ->  Derrall was presenting...
14:34:16  JoseRodriguez ->  what was Derrall presenting?
14:34:20  shoemap ->  I'm on Yugma- so far so good with streaming t the same time
14:34:33  Matt Montagne ->  web 2.0 tools...
14:34:36  Madeline_Here ->  Yugma is not happy with me.
14:34:40  JoseRodriguez ->  cool
14:34:53  bennettj ->  i'll share my desktop
14:34:55  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Sounds wonderful, Derrall!
14:34:57  JL ->  sharon, the real test would be if you started sharing your desktop - that would consume your upload bandwidth
14:35:20  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I'm jealous, too!
14:35:46  Madeline_Here ->  the yugma cute little circle to leaves (blue and green) is doing it's loading dance
14:35:49  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Where's CALICO this year? It's coming up soon, isn't it?
14:35:51  bennettj ->  so here i am
14:36:05  jomcleay ->  cool Jay
14:36:11  shoemap ->  Dennis, what is CALICO?
14:36:28  sheila ->  @sonja - Where's the wine?
14:36:42  jomcleay ->  seems so strange to see the same windows so many times
14:36:43  JL ->  anything you want to share and/or troubleshoot jay?
14:36:49  sheila ->  Did we mention Sonja and I are actually sitting in the same room today?
14:36:58  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Pam: Hold on and I'll get a URL.
14:37:22  sheila ->  We are in NH! Go Pats!
14:37:24  sonjag ->  @sheila-- Schilling Schardonnay?
14:37:32  bennettj ->  get me
14:37:45  sheila ->  @sonja - filler up
14:37:59  JoseRodriguez ->  There seem to be a lot of opportunities at the college levels for professors to use tech.  At least my local community college they seem to be pretty web2.0 savvy
14:38:03  Dennis in Phoenix ->  CALICO: Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium
14:38:05  Matt Montagne ->  he he he
14:38:08  Dennis in Phoenix ->
14:38:39  Dennis in Phoenix ->  The 2008 conference is in San Francisco, I think.
14:39:07  Madeline_Here ->  I found a little hidden box for info to fill in to make yugma work....ah ha
14:40:25  Dennis in Phoenix ->  José: The community college where I used to work encouraged use of technology, but it was also highly invested in BlackBoard and the competencies that had to be taught also had to be addressed, so how much / what kind of tech I was able to use was actually limited.
14:40:27  JoseRodriguez ->  Yugma does the trick
14:40:58  derrallg ->  Jose you want to join us?
14:41:15  JoseRodriguez ->  I agree, Blackboard seems to be dominating the market, eventhough there is a shift to moodle.
14:41:21  Madeline_Here ->  So it's okay for the peaks to hit the top like that?
14:41:32  JoseRodriguez ->  @derall, just listening in.
14:41:38  derrallg ->  ok
14:41:49  cyndidannerkuhn ->  my university uses Blackboard, BUT I use Moodle
14:41:54  Dennis in Phoenix ->  My college might have problems with Moodle because it (the college / district) wouldn't have control over it.
14:42:09  kolmstead ->  We use Moodle at the Middle School level
14:42:24  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Moodle has a lot to offer!
14:42:33  sonjag ->  Is Jay using Audacity to record both sides of a Skype conference? Is that possibley on a Mac? I'm wondering if you need Nicecast?
14:42:55  sonjag ->  Audio just kicked out and I missed your answer!
14:43:01  Sarah S ->  I use Blackboard for my university classes, but the grad classes I'm taking are using Moodle (two different branches of the same state U system)
14:43:24  JoseRodriguez ->  Doesn't seem to be a Mac thing for Audacity. Recording didn't work for me.
14:43:26  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I love Moodle, so much better than blackboard
14:43:27  sonjag ->  so Jay was using Audacity to record both? Sorry, we're getting choppy audio.
14:43:32  shoemap ->  Is everyone logged onto Yugma now?
14:43:43  jomcleay ->  yep
14:43:44  bennettj ->  yes audacity and audio repeater
14:43:45  mary ->  no
14:43:49  kolmstead ->  no
14:43:49  Sarah S ->  I'm in Yugma too
14:43:58  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I had the same problem, Derrall, and came to the same conclusion about how to handle it.  (on a Mac)
14:44:01  mary ->  i didn`t see yugma
14:44:05  JoseRodriguez ->  I am interested in seeing Karen set up.
14:44:07  mary ->  no prob
14:44:12  mary ->  no
14:44:18  mary ->  no
14:44:26  JoseRodriguez ->  Her audio levels might be related to hardware?
14:44:46  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I like that I could share my desktop in Yugma and teach my students something
14:44:49  sheila ->  sonja's coming
14:44:55  dgoodman ->  If someone wants to join on Yugma, I will log out
14:44:57  cyndidannerkuhn ->  it is online class, so yougma might be quite useful
14:45:01  sheila ->  she's changing her settings
14:45:15  mary ->  how would i join in yougma?
14:45:27  mary ->  where (link)?
14:45:33  dgoodman ->  My screen also turns blue when using Yugma
14:45:38  JoseRodriguez ->  We tried yugma for webcast this past summer but it seems like a very heavy application.
14:46:06  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Mary: You need to be registered with Yugma.
14:46:10  Dennis in Phoenix ->
14:46:12  mary ->  i am
14:46:19  JoseRodriguez ->  I am hoping there could be a ustream solution to desktop sharing and webcasting soon.
14:46:21  Eurominuteman ->  yugma throws it out
14:46:24  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Ah, I see. Then they can invite you.
14:46:32  JoseRodriguez ->  as in resolution.
14:46:34  derrallg ->  mary needs the link to Jeff's yugma session
14:46:37  JL ->
14:46:41  Eurominuteman ->  it comes back later in yugma
14:46:56  Eurominuteman ->  the wall paper
14:46:57  JoseRodriguez ->  I can follow along now but very hard to read actual info.
14:47:07  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Same here, Derrall.
14:47:18  Dennis in Phoenix ->  DON'T BOTHER WITH SOUNDFLOWER!
14:47:36  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Soundflower can do freaky things to your default audio settings!
14:48:20  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Soundflower was what was causing me the problems when we were doing things together in Class of 2.3.
14:48:25  cyndidannerkuhn ->  installing yugma now
14:48:32  mary ->  I logged to yugma
14:48:34  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I ended up having to get special software to get rid of it.
14:48:38  mary ->  now what do i do to find you?
14:48:40  sonjag ->  My Mac is imploding! Sorry! I need to troubleshoot now!
14:48:45  Dennis in Phoenix ->  (Soundflower, that is)
14:48:51  cyndidannerkuhn ->  what is the yugma session id
14:49:15  Dennis in Phoenix ->
14:49:57  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Mary: Can you see the URL that I just put in?
14:52:26  Madeline_Here ->  sound in and out
14:52:50  mary ->  yes dear denis
14:52:53  JoseRodriguez ->  better now
14:53:05  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Did it help, Mary?
14:53:25  JoseRodriguez ->  The dell plugin?  
14:54:19  Dennis in Phoenix ->  This kind of hands-on help is wonderful!
14:54:47  JL ->
14:54:50  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Can you send the URL again?
14:55:07  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Thanks.
14:55:38  Sarah S ->  Not to be too mundane, but this Yugma thing will be brilliant when I'm trying to fix something for my parents over the phone. :)
14:56:02  JoseRodriguez ->  Is he in the closet?
14:56:12  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Yes, it definitely will, Sarah—and that isn't mundane; it's a testimonial for what Yugma is supposed to do!
14:56:48  cyndidannerkuhn ->  stop using Explorer and switch to FireFox
14:56:54  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Mary: Do you have other browsers?
14:57:30  sheila ->  Can you record a yugma session?
14:57:40  JoseRodriguez ->  Yes it is recorded
14:57:51  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Terrific, Mary!
14:58:08  jomcleay ->  This has been great. I have to go to work now
14:58:15  shoemap ->  bye jo
14:58:19  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Take care, Jo!
14:58:20  jomcleay ->  bye all
14:58:24  sheila ->  Happy Monday Jo?
14:58:38  jomcleay ->  yep it's monday alright
14:58:47  JoseRodriguez ->  What's Karen's Hardware set-up?
14:59:05  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Pam: I'll be leaving soon. You and Derrall are doing splendidly!
14:59:19  shoemap ->  Thanks, Dennis.  Talk to you soon.
14:59:22  Sarah S ->  @jose  Is the Yugma session recorded automatically or is it something you have to start manually?
14:59:26  Dennis in Phoenix ->  I hpe so!
14:59:33  Dennis in Phoenix ->  hope so
14:59:37  JoseRodriguez ->  @sarah you have to start it
14:59:39  derrallg ->  Thanks Dennis
14:59:51  Dennis in Phoenix ->  You're entirely welcome.
15:00:22  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Jeff and José: Thanks for another very supportive and very informative session!
15:00:38  JoseRodriguez ->  Take care Dennis.
15:00:54  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Thanks, José. You
15:00:56  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Yugma is a bit pricey for poor teachers
15:01:00  Sarah S ->  Could someone record a Yugma in session as a screencast that would have audio?
15:01:03  Dennis in Phoenix ->  You're welcome, Jeff.
15:01:05  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I need to scoot too
15:01:07  cyndidannerkuhn ->  later
15:01:09  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Do itashimashite, Mary.
15:01:13  Dennis in Phoenix ->  Bye all.
15:01:50  JoseRodriguez ->  or kitty language
15:02:14  JoseRodriguez ->  it sounded like meow
15:02:28  JoseRodriguez ->  :-)
15:02:54  JoseRodriguez ->  It looks middle level now in yugma
15:03:08  sheila ->  audio going in and out in ustream
15:03:15  JoseRodriguez ->  same here
15:03:33  JoseRodriguez ->  talk to compare
15:03:34  Sarah S ->  Yep, I keep losing the ustream audio too
15:03:54  JoseRodriguez ->  no recorded from karen.
15:04:37  JoseRodriguez ->  Sound-Mapper didn't seem to work on my machine before.
15:04:47  JoseRodriguez ->  Delete the other audio tracks..
15:05:44  JoseRodriguez ->  Jeff how do you get capture in audio settings again?
15:06:03  Matt Montagne ->  anyone want to interview Paul goodyear, member of the USS Oklahoma crew during pearl harbor, for the next assignment
15:06:04  bennettj ->  thanks for the help, i am outta here
15:06:18  derrallg ->  bye
15:06:25  Sarah S ->  Ok - got to run. See you all back here next week.
15:06:27  Matt Montagne ->  Paul was on the USS OK...let me know, he is willing to do a talk
15:06:33  sheila ->  Matt, I may want to do that
15:06:34  JoseRodriguez ->  change the mixture device, Ok
15:06:44  JoseRodriguez ->  Will this help Karen?
15:06:45  Matt Montagne ->  @sheila...K...we're on...
15:06:58  sheila ->  Our 8th grade is doing WW11
15:06:58  Matt Montagne -> me after this at mjmonty
15:07:04  sheila ->  ok
15:07:08  Matt Montagne ->  I want to talk to you about that just to firm it up
15:08:12  JoseRodriguez ->  If levels are high on both ends you can always level it off in post recording.
15:08:15  kolmstead ->  @sheila ... let me know when you do this, I would like to join the Skype if possible
15:08:21  mary ->  lilt
15:08:43  sheila ->  @karen O - ok
15:09:01  Matt Montagne -> r welcome to join...he is quite a guy
15:09:02  sheila ->  @Matt and Karen - want to do it after this?
15:09:16  JoseRodriguez ->  We did have an issue with version this past summer.  What version is Karen in now.
15:09:26  Matt Montagne ->  @sheila...
15:09:29  JoseRodriguez ->  Beta seems to be more stable.
15:09:52  mary ->  thank you for an interesting session!
15:09:55  JoseRodriguez ->  The newest is just fine
15:10:00  JoseRodriguez ->  Bye Mary
15:10:06  Matt Montagne ->  @sheila I think we should all do a little background reading on him and then do it...
15:10:21  Matt Montagne ->  to make the most out of it -
15:10:32  JoseRodriguez ->  looks good on repeater.
15:10:50  sheila ->  @Matt - I actually teach 7th grade so I would like to talk to the 8th grade team too.
15:10:57  Matt Montagne ->  quick question for instructors...when can we do our stream??
15:11:01  JoseRodriguez ->  the audacity gremlins on the prowl.
15:11:08  Matt Montagne ->  Can we use sandbox b anytime?
15:11:15  JL ->  yes
15:11:25  derrallg ->  yes, just check that no ones streaming
15:11:29  JL ->  you can post your event on the calendar
15:11:35  mary ->  it was wonderful!
15:11:37  JoseRodriguez ->  sure remember to schedule if it is an interncast.
15:11:38  Matt Montagne ->  @JL...thanx
15:11:39  JL ->  info on how to at
15:11:47  JoseRodriguez ->  If it is just a test not necessary
15:11:59  sheila ->  Thanks all! Off to do homework.  :)
15:12:16  JoseRodriguez ->  bye sheila
15:12:17  derrallg ->  bye Sheila
15:12:27  sheila ->  @matt and Karen - want to touch base now?
15:12:33  Matt Montagne ->  what is password??
15:12:39  JoseRodriguez ->  was the passwords changed?
15:12:40  Madeline_Here ->  yes now
15:12:50  Matt Montagne ->  @sheila...yes
15:12:58  Matt Montagne ->  what r your skype IDs?
15:13:05  Madeline_Here ->  hold on
15:13:12  sheila ->  kmno4s for sheila
15:13:25  Madeline_Here ->  what's darryls skype?
15:14:09  Madeline_Here ->  oy Instructions were to skype daryl, will daryl skype me? madeline_here
15:14:25  JoseRodriguez ->  I got refused, now I'm in.
15:14:44  kolmstead ->  @sheila ..sorry I turned off the streaming and ended up closing everything