More Real-Time Audio Quality Problems? Use an Amplifier with Equalizer

Try using an Amplifier with an Equalizer (built-in one) to boost the energy of some of the audio bands. Many are like guitar amplifiers (with a MIDI input for instruments), but look for softwares that have a Microphone input, like this one:

Wiki: Audio Amplifier

"The sound card in a personal computer contains several audio amplifiers (depending on number of channels), as does every stereo or home-theater system."

Tubeamp (Freeware)

Florida Music's Brackenbury Amplifier is based off of The Brackenbury-1 Tube Amplifier designed by former Thomas Organs and Wersi designer Chris Brackenbury in the early 90's.

We are now quite happy to bring this same power and design to the virtual world, through this VST effect unit designed by the same team.

Featuring drive, volume, delay and all of the other controls found on regular amplifiers, the Brackenbury Amp also features a unique sweepable EQ system, to create interesting new sounds.

The Brackenbury Amp also comes with a collection of great presets, with everything from Seventies acid-rock sounds to clean Jazz guitar.