Introduction for Jay Bennett Jan 20, 2008


Deborah B Goodman


I thought it was great that you included your son in your introduction.  I look forward to hearing more from you and Cole. 

Enjoyed listening to your introduction!  It's best to include your last name in the filename (for searching/archiving purposes).  The sound quality and specs are right on.

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

Hi Jay--

Great intro! I love how you incorporated your son in it... very sweet! It sounds like you cover quite a bit of ground in your job, and very cool that you work for a virtual school. I'd like to hear more about that!

Looking forward to working with you on WA!



I teach online classes too, but not sure how you do all that you do and remain sane .  Great intro by your son. 

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn Opening Minds from Fort Hays State University