First post, lots to learn

It was an interesting intro session for the WCA class of 2.4 this afternoon (for me, for others much earlier in the morning!).  The noodling about and asking questions was a great way to get a sense of where everyone is with webcasting - and that we all have so much to learn, even those who have done this before. The changing pieces of technology and the ways in which they interact when combined will no doubt continue to make  webcasting a never-ending learning process.  

I have posted my first piece of audio - an audio intro - and I would say that while it worked ok I have a few kinks to work out.  I'm on a mac, and while I tried to get my line-in mic to work (system prefs, sound, line-in mic), I couldn't make the mic itself work. I have a logitec headset with separate inputs for mic and the speakers/headset, but the mic (switched on at the control on the cord) didn't register on the sound window.  I opted to record with the built-in mic, and it was not the best sound quality. I plan to talk to the tech folks at school tomorrow to see if there is something I'm doing/not doing to get the mic on the headset functional. 

I'm also not very experienced with Audacity. I have used Garageband to do podcasting and am more familiar with its functions, so using Audacity was a little less smooth than I'm used to.  Finding the ID3 tags took a few minutes too, since Jeff Lebow posts info for the windows version. I finally noticed that there was an option for "open metadata editor" in the Audacity file drop-down menu and used that.  I'm sure if I incorrectly set any of the settings someone will let me know?

 So far so good. Can't wait to listen to the other audio intros when people get them up.

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