Stereo Mix Available via Dell

Stereo Mix - a reality.  I’m talking about the sound card option that had been removed on some Dell laptops and desktops purchased during the past few years.   The option was not available, on purpose.  This week, Dell released a new driver where the Stereo Mix option is a choice. My laptop is now letting me successfully record both sides of a Skype conversation.  I really did not believe it was going to work – but it does!  Here are my steps:


Go to Dell’s Driver and Downloads page.

Enter you Service Tag or Model Number

Expand the Audio Section

Download the driver.

It will install automatically

Restart your computer

Open Control Panel

Open Sounds and Audio Devices

Click the Volume button in the Sound Recording section

Put a check in the box for Stereo Mix

Now when you open Audacity – Stereo Mix is there!